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How to Overcome Mom Anger with Jessie Erredia

How to Overcome Mom Anger with Jessie Erredia

What moms deal with internally

How to Overcome Mom Anger with Jessie ErrediaUs moms often feel guilty for the anger we project unto our kids. And yet, we find it difficult to stop ourselves from blowing up our frequent anger.

Aside from anxiety and depression, there is also an immense amount of anger that we need to learn how to navigate. This may sound a lot of work, but self-awareness and working on our issues are critical not just for our healing, but also to avoid unhealthy parenting (and we’ll talk about a quick fix later on!)

Before we proceed, we need to recognize that frequent anger in moms can be an effect of postpartum depression. And postpartum rage is caused by what’s going on chemically, hormonally in a woman’s body. There’s a physical component to it. At this point, clinical diagnosis and medical assistance is highly advised.

Why are we always angry?

But whether it’s postpartum rage or a simple mom anger, there’s a mental piece to this internal problem that we could control. Because most of the time, it’s the tremendous changes in our situation that stresses us.

So it is very common, and that you are not alone. You’re not a ‘terrible mom’ or a ‘crappy wife’ for feeling that way. We need to let go of that guilt that further burdens us to give ourselves the space to get to the root of the issue so we can address it. (See also: eliminating the mom guilt.)

We have to understand that becoming a mom easily brings out and magnify our anger. Because your whole life literally changes, and anger is commonly rooted in fear of a new obstacle.  And changes don’t stop when your child is born. Because you always enter a new phase in your life whenever your child hits another stage of their life too (ie., toddler stage, puberty.) It’s like every stage is an opportunity for our brains to catalyze a new fear— that would then become anger as it comes to the surface.

The good thing is that we can solve this anger problem by just having a few different skills that we can quickly implement (especially in the midst of feeling that anger rise up.)

Join me and Jessie to know these cool tips on dealing with our mom anger!

mom angerOther life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Figuring out the difference between postpartum rage and simple mom rage
  • Quick anger solutions to avoid lashing out
  • Tips to effectively ‘trial-and-error’ in parenting
  • How gratitude helps combat anger
  • Dealing with your child’s anger towards you

“Parenting is hard, but there is always something that you can try here.”

-Jessie Erridia

Always remember that every single parent is just trying to navigate parenting. And that we are always in the process of figuring it out. And you can better manage your emotions when you give yourself the grace to experiment and trust your intuition. Because when you seek out solutions and experiment, you are becoming an expert to be a parent of your own child.

Meet Jessie

Angry mom turned empowered mom, Jessie Ereddia is an Empowerment Coach who helps mom change their life and motherhood experience. By combining self-coaching skills and cognitive psychology, Jessie teaches moms how to manage their thoughts, emotions, and actions. She also teaches how to become empowered to step into a life of more emotional wellness and abundance. Since 2017, she has been the host of the Mom Empowered Podcast, which has received over 150,000 downloads and is where she often shares her own journey of navigating postpartum rage and becoming a healthier, more empowered mom. Jessie and her husband Grant are in the thick of parenthood with their three young daughters and reside in Atlanta, GA.


Podcast: Mom Empowered Podcast

Instagram: @jessieerredia

If you are interested in her Mom Empowered coaching program, get a free call with her here!

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