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Healing Your Mom Body with Catherine Middlebrooks

Healing Your Mom Body with Catherine Middlebrooks- 053

Healing Your Mom Body with Catherine MiddlebrooksThe Body Goal Dilemma

It’s the middle of the month and it’s usually the time where New Year’s Resolutions start to taper out. And as moms, we often force ourselves to exercise or do other activities that would serve our fitness goals– or we’ll go back to hating ourselves for not liking what we see in the mirror, especially in our postpartum phase. (Check out how to love Your Body After Baby.)

Yoga can make or break You

But hey, let me tell you that there is a way to take good care of our bodies without going through some intense work outs especially right after giving birth. You might have heard of the wonderful body work out called yoga. And yes, you might have even tried it only to give you more body pains. But did you know that so much of what you do in a yoga practice actually can move your body further away from healing rather than bringing it back toward healing?

I invited Catherine, a yoga teacher and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, to share with us what we need to know about healing our postpartum bodies using yoga. 

“Honor your postpartum phase.” -Catherine Middlebrooks

Other life changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How Catherine used yoga to improve her overall lifestyle
  • What postpartum body really is all about
  • The correct ways of doing yoga and other activities for body healing (in details!)
  • Areas of bodies we need to focus on for faster recovery
  • The three ‘Rs’ method that you need to go through for effective body healing
  • Daily movement patterns or habits that we need to avoid during postpartum body
  • Additional advice on building your life based on how you want to design it

Yoga can do more harm than good to your postpartum body. So it’s important to seek expertise that would cater specifically to your needs. And remember that you don’t have to beat yourself to it! Because the healing doesn’t have to be perfect. Healing should be about your body becoming fully functional for you than how it ‘should’ look.

Meet Catherine

Catherine is the founder of brbyoga. She is a yoga teacher, a postpartum corrective exercise specialist, a wife, mom, and the creator of Heal your Core with Yoga and Fix your Hips Programs. With a mind of a researcher and a heart of a yogie, Catherine geeks out on the science behind corrective exercise and helping thousands of moms restore their core so that they can say yes to life again.


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