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Stories of Rising Moms: Uncovering Joy in Motherhood with Stephanie

Stories of Rising Moms: Uncovering Joy in Motherhood with Stephanie- 52

When asked how is motherhood going, it is common for us moms to say “exhausting.” The daily cycle of endless to-do-lists just wear us down and having the time off for ourselves is a luxury we can rarely afford. We tend to lose ourselves along the way, even pass down our frustrations to our kids (then feel guilty), and just feel helpless.

Stories of Rising Moms: Uncovering Joy in Motherhood with Stephanie

How Joining a Community Helps

But you know what? You could get out of that cycle. You could get out of that unhappy, chaotic life. Like most of us moms in the community, you could totally rise above the challenges of motherhood.

Stephanie, a mom of four and is one of the members of the Rising Moms Club, shares with us the importance of having a community in bringing joy to motherhood. She started with the feeling of isolation (a common thing for moms,) then felt more optimistic and redirected after integrating herself in the community of fellow hopeful moms. (See also: Creating Intention in Your Friendships)

Other life changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How Stephanie learned to redirect her life from a dark place
  • The secret to not feeling burdened by the endless to-do-lists
  • What you need to know when you know you want change but don’t know how and where to start
  • How joining the community helped her in finding peace, joy, and hope

Most of the time, what we need to shift in our lives is found way outside our comfort zones. And you often need somebody to give you advice or point out where you have been going wrong. Otherwise, you won’t notice it and you’ll feel stuck in your situation.

“It’s amazing how we can grow in just a short amount of time by joining a community.” -Stephanie

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