let go of busy.
embrace stillness.
create space to live a life you love.


 5 Steps to Break

 Free From Clutter

    Busy & Overwhelm don't have to be the authors of your life.
    You can write your own

    Find stillness & rest
    Love yourself first
    Ditch the clutter
    Little about myself »

    Hi! I’m Renae...

    I empower women to create space in their lives. The world constantly tells us to do more & go faster. Instagram shows perfect kids and flawless bodies.  We're balancing a million different things & feel as if any given moment it could all come tumbling. 

    Taking care of ourselves? It gets lost in the shuffle. Moved down on the priority list. 

    But dear friend, I'm here to help you take care of yourself first. I want to inspire you to create space...to stop filling your calendars with things that don't bring you joy. To create space in your mind, home, and body so that you can live the life you dream of living. There's no need to settle for just getting by anymore....this is your time to thrive.

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    busy mom food hacks
    Want my go to "kid-friendly" food hacks?

    Want to feed your family well without spending tons of extra time in the kitchen?

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    8 Weeks to Freedom From Chaos & Busy

    I see you. You do all the things and wear busy like a badge of honor. The to do list rules, rest is unheard of, and the joy of life has been zapped.

    Get your groove back
    break free from clutter
    Tired of constantly cleaning?

    Dishes, laundry, picking up toys is not my idea of fun, but I like a clean house. These are my go to steps to eliminate clutter from your home for good!


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    Need Help Now?

     I’m here to take those first steps with you, and walk with you till you can take a breath of freedom.  

    For you to be able to sit in stillness, with no worries of a to-do list, shuffling kids to and fro, or the nagging feeling that “something needs to be done.” 

    Let’s plan a virtual “coffee date.” We can get to know each other, laugh, cry, or just take a breath…