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What You Need to Know about Menopause with Renee Bellinger

Most women start noticing how their cycles really affect their bodies around the age of 35 to 40. 

And then for many it’s not that long before you’re hit with the realization that, “oh, things are changing.”

I know menopause is often overlooked in conversations. It’s not something we’re chatting about over coffee. And really, when women are talking about it, it’s generally not the most encouraging conversation.

But imagine if there was a different way to navigate through menopause…

Join Renee and me as we share proactive steps you can take to prepare for it. Whether you’re already in your menopause stage or just starting to notice some changes, get ready to discover a whole lot about what’s going on, especially how menopause shakes things up when it comes to your body and cycle.

“We tend to fall back [on], what soothes us, and our brain is like, we’re feeling discomfort, we want automatic relief. [And our brain doesn’t really look towards the long-term effects of what we do.] So it’s like immediate gratification. Like I’m feeling discomfort, I want to alleviate it immediately. And so that’s why we go to these things that don’t really serve us.”

What You Need to Know about Menopause with Renee BellingerJoin us in this insightful podcast episode as we also talk about:

  • The truth that they don’t tell you about menopause symptoms
  • Proactive steps you can start taking today to prepare yourself for perimenopause
  • How healthy habits can reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cycle syncing during menopause (is it possible?)

Meet Renee

Renee is a women’s health and nutrition coach who helps busy, high-achieving women prioritize their health and nutrition and create lasting habits. Before becoming a health coach, she worked in a therapeutic high school, assisting students to manage and change their behaviors. After being laid off, she decided to take her knowledge of behavior change to work with women to create nutrition and health habits that work for them. This career shift came after the realization that her friends always asked her for advice on improving their health and nutrition.

Her work incorporates the science of health mindset and compassionate behavior change into the coaching experience. As a result, clients adopt practices to help them nourish and move their bodies while breaking the diet cycle. Clients leave coaching with sustainable health habits and a repaired relationship with food and movement. She has recently launched The Thrive Community, a membership portal for women 40+ who want support during the midlife transition to help them manage their stress, find joy in movement, sleep better, and have more energy.

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