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Creating Connections Through Content

How will you know if someone is giving quality content in social media?

Sometimes it’s when you find yourself pausing mid-scroll, actually paying attention to what’s being shared. 

Other times, it’s when someone’s content feels refreshingly authentic and not just another echo in the mainstream.

But let’s be real, making someone feel truly seen and heard in this virtual world can be a bit of a puzzle. 

And it sometimes feels like everyone’s chasing likes and views.. 

That’s why in this podcast episode, Maria & Kristina shared what’s the secret to building that sense of connection and how to build a community where people are actually excited to chat back with you.

Dive in this podcast episode as we also discusses about:

  • How to actually build genuine communication and trust with your audience
  • The sales approach and its impact on success (I bet you didn’t know this yet)
  • Surprising power behind word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Creating an authentic Instagram community



“When we actually just start marketing to our clients, where we just talk about the problems they’re having, rather than the solutions that we provide, that’s where a lot of magic happens.” Kristina from The Social Snippet

Meet Maria & Kristina

Maria & Kristina are co-founders of The Social Snippet, a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their communities online using social media and podcasting. They love being strategic partners in their client’s businesses that inspire them to think of their businesses in a bigger way than they could have ever imagined.

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