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Balancing Mom Life With Your Heart's Dreams with Sabrina Greer

Balancing MomLife with Your Heart’s Dreams with Sabrina Greer -032


The Journey

Sabrina’s journey to effectively managing being a mom and pursuing her passion hasn’t always been easy and fun, and mostly filled with pain. In all aspects of her growth, whether physically, emotionally, the growth of her business and even personal growth. Sabrina’s journey is all about overcoming those growing pains, this inspired her to share her and other mom’s experience, to break the chains of “I’m just a mom”, turning the statement “I am a mom”, to empower and inspire moms to pursue their passion and grow personally without guilt.

Balancing Mom Life With Your Heart's Dreams and Passion - Sabrina Greer

How to walk away from “Mom guilt”

One of the hindrances for a mom to start and pursue their passion is mom guilt. As a mom, it’s reasonable to ask, even doubt ourselves if we are giving everything we have to ensure that we are a great mom.

Sabrina overcomes this by not multi-tasking, instead of dividing her effort to do multiple things at once, including taking care of her children. Instead, she does things with passion, drive, and motivation acting as a role model for her kids showing them what she’s made of, the things that she can do become an inspiration not just for adults but for her kids as well.

What tools or practices you use to pursue your passion and still feel you are giving it all as a mom.

There are many ways to manage both your passion and being a mom, the key thing here is to practice and make it a part of your daily life, don’t dwell to much if it doesn’t work out,it takes time to see if it is effective and adjust your practice based on how you and your family live. 

One of the tools Sabrina uses is time blocking, many times we plan on how we will be productive, we usually say I’ll do this while the kids are sleeping and most of the time we get distracted and end up not doing anything at all.

At first, she is struggling to balance her time interacting with her kids and getting things done. Her kids were always asking for attention, while Sabrina is completing her task.

So what Sabrina does? She breaks up her time to 10 20 60 minutes; she identifies the smallest amount of free time she has and finds how it is being wasted and replace it with time savers. Sabrina spends her 10 minutes in social media but not reading articles or checking out where her friends. She uses social media with intentions or a goal. She set up her alarm for 10 minutes to go in and complete her goals. Her 20 minutes is spent with household activity or to set up activities for her kids, which they can do independently, setting up Sabrina’s next block of time which is her 60 minutes, shes uses this block of time to work on her passion or work-related tasks. Within this block of time, avoid distractions and finish what needs to be done, one task at a time. 

One thing to highlight on how Sabrina divides her time is she put attention to her kids first filling their love cup before working on something else, this will not only keep them busy while you work, but this is also to ensure that you are still having a good time with your kids.

Tips on how to manage time:

  • Involve your kids when doing household work. It is not only helping them learn, but it is also an excellent way to spend quality time with your kids.
  • Don’t be frustrated on the little things, mistakes, or mess will happen when you work with kids, don’t be upset with the smallest mistake. move on make another block of time
  • Remember our kids need our time but not all of it, in rare instances wherein a kid might be too needy;
  • Get outside help could be a nanny or a relative to watch over your kids while you try to get things done.
  • Do things one at a time to complete one task before moving to the next.

How to prioritize our time:

Sabrina says, “we all have 24 hours, and it is our choice how we spend it” when we spend the majority of our time doing things that are not productive when we know that there are things that you want to do. We might need to change our mindset on how our time is being spent.

One thing that Sabrina tells her clients is to treat their time as a currency, look at every minute as 1 dollar, and think would I spend $60 to do this thing, if the answer is “No” then that this is not your priority. One exercise Sabrina does with her clients is to shift from saying I can’t and I won’t if you can say I won’t about the things you can say I can’t and feel good about it then it’s not a priority. If you feel a sting, then you might need to rethink your preference.

Evaluating your self worth

When you are working with a lot of powerful women, Lawyers, Doctors, and other professional women, even in their current position, they still have doubts about their ability. Are they worth it? Is it worth it? Moreover, it all boils down on how we see ourselves. It is not about how many followers or how many people you have reached out and help, what matters is that you put yourself out there and try to help, whether it is just a handful of people. 

Get out of your own way and step into the woman you know you can be.

-Sabrina Greer

You are a mom!

the first step is always the most challenging step to take, don’t make your reason as an excuse that stops you from pursuing your passion, learn to love yourself as much as you love your kids, be inspired by them, and be an inspiration for them, you can be successful and still be great mom, and always remember you are not just a mom, you are a mom!

Meet Sabrina

Sabrina is a mama to three young boys. Her entreprenurial journey began when she decided it was not an option to go back to her nearly ten-year corporate career after maternity leave. Her background in developmental psychology and education made coaching and course creation an easy transition. Through her numerous coaching clients, she has learned that moms with big dreams were her people and helping them make those dreams become a reality, her superpower. She created YGTMama Media Co. as a place to help mamas dig deep into their creativity, birth their Brain Babies, all while ditching the mom guilt.  She’s also a 3x best-selling author and the mastermind behind the popular motherhood guidebook series You’ve Got This, Mama, which has been coined “Chicken Soup for the Mama Soul” by numerous publications. 

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