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finding rest as a doer katie reid

Finding Rest As A Doer with Katie Reid- 033

Katie is a wife, a mom of five, an author, speaker, teacher, does bible study and more– and she takes pride in being a stress-free, graceful mom. How does she do it?

The Go-Getter Mom

As moms, it is common for us to be fully loaded with responsibilities and we strive to get all of these things done. It is most especially the case if you grew up to be that person who likes to accomplish, and has a lot of projects going on aside from your duties as a mom. You excel at work, and then when you get home, you do another set of work, like washing the dishes and cleaning. 

How it Becomes a Disadvantage

While being a doer may seem worthy of praise, it actually becomes more of a drawback when it already affects your well-being. Katie realized this when she noticed that her hustling becomes sort of an addiction that is taking a toll even on her relationships. As a Christian, she feels it is not right to burn oneself out because God has given us grace as a gift, and not a price to be earned.  God may even be telling us, “enjoy me like your family, and don’t try to impress me like you do for your company.”

It easy to say that we should rest, yes. But as a busy mom, stepping away on a certain task may be difficult as you may wonder, “if I don’t do it, who else is gonna do it?” 

Below are the things that could help you take that break you deserve.

Finding Rest as a Doer Katie ReidFinding that Balance

As a doer, we often find it hard to rest. But when we rest, we are actually more productive later. Our mind becomes sharper, and in resting, our minds usually become more creative as it wonders.

  • Scheduling your rest day
    • Yes, you read that. Don’t wait for the time that you can finally rest, because it won’t come for us busy moms. Instead, set a day per week, like Sundays, where you and your family can “buffer” and live with more intention. By doing this, you also give your children room to explore other activities.
  • Delegating tasks
    • This is an important thing to do if you want to get everything done. Delegate to your kids some of your tasks that you know they can do, like washing the dishes or weeding out grass. Ask yourself what are the things only YOU can do— then focus on that. You wouldn’t just free yourself of some errands, you would also teach your kids responsibility, independence, and problem solving. 

Remember that…

“Delegation is not weak, it is WISE”

-Katie Reid

  • Letting go of the money component
    • One of the things us moms usually wrestle with is the “money component.” If we think we can bake the cupcake ourselves, we would— instead of buying them so we can save money. But sometimes it is okay to let go of a few dollars if it would help you maintain your sanity or preserve your time. If you’re busy and you don’t find enthusiasm in gardening, for example, you can hire someone else to do it. This is also helpful in times when you feel resentful in doing certain tasks because a family member won’t do it. Instead of succumbing to your negative thoughts, try to solve it by letting go of the money. Prioritize what MATTERS to you. Relationship, time, or money? When you figure that out, make some sacrifices to give yourself room to do the things you love and get where you want to be.
  • Avoid multi-tasking
    • Try to avoid the myth that everything deserves an equal time/energy. Focus on one thing, or at least do the most important ones before doing another. Do not give attention to all of the things at the same time, even as a multi-faceted person. We can love to strive, we can love to rest, we can love all of the things in the middle. But we can only give our 100% to them one at a time than trying to juggle all of them at the same time.


Stay balanced. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself by trying to be “perfect,” because you don’t have to be the one who does everything. It’s good for the kids to have a mom that could ‘party’ with them, than a mom who is always stressed out!

Meet Katie

Katie M. Reid is a wife, mom to five, and a fan of cut-to-the-chase conversations over iced tea. Katie is also a speaker, bible teacher, and author of Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done (which includes a 5-week bible study for individuals and groups). She encourages others to find grace in the unraveling of life at Subscribe to Katie’s site to receive free resources to help you breathe deeply and walk freely. Just text the word MARTHA to 345345 to sign-up for free.





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  • Shelley Terpstra

    I’m the opposite. In my mind and heart I’d love to be the woman who accomplishes a lot, instead I tend to be overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. I am wife and a mom to 3 only one lives at home(the others have grown and moved), I work M-F 8-4 and have a side hustle where I manage a small team. I workout 2 evenings a week. I feel like I’m not doing anything to my full potential in a cluttered home. My husband works 40 hour weeks then comes home to care for the cattle on our ranch.
    Gosh now that I’ve written it all out that’s a lot. I’d love to learn how to manage it all effectively and without spending money. We are on limited finances as it is.

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