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When I became pregnant for the very first time, I thought I knew what motherhood was going to be like. Now 3 kids later, I’ve learned I need to give myself a HEAVY dose of grace.

I tried to manage my time better and made massive attempts to practice more self care. In the end I found there was no element of organization that was going to help me achieve my wildest goals and stay present for my family at the same time. There was no amount of checking off the to-do list that was going to help me get ahead.

The world around us says…check off more, manage better, do more, stay busy, add more to the list, and pushing yourself further.

Yet what I’ve learned is that being is better than doing.  Creating space is better than busy-ness. And the most beautiful thing is that stillness isn’t counter-productive. Your life might be FULL like mine. Yet intention about what is making up that fullness allows you to feel like your life is happy, joyful, productive, and amazing. 

I’ve learned and shared with many other women the power of following our cyclical nature to create more space and more alignment in our lives so that you can get more done, with less effort. It allows you to create space for what you enjoy, let go of the busy and exhausted states, and still crush all your wildest business goals.

I am not super mom, super wife, super therapist or super anything else.  We are real.  We have real messes, real fights, and real struggles.  Know in everything I share on this blog…it’s meant to inspire and encourage you.  You are worthy of greatness….you know that right?

Renae is an occupational therapist with extensive education in the areas of the NICU, Autism, feeding, picky eating, mindfulness, and sensory processing. She has many certifications & training within the field of occupational therapy including the SOS Approach to Feeding, Beckman Oral Motor Skills, Therapeutic Listening, Integrated Listening Systems, and Handwriting without Tears. 

She is also a certified group fitness instructor and nutrition coach with a passion for educating families on the value of investing in their bodies from the inside out.  

But beyond all the trainings, nothing can surpass the training and education of raising 3 kids of her own.

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." 
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



Hey girl, I'm Renae...

As a Cycle Coach & Biz Strategist, I've helped 100s of women trade hustle for flow & alignment so that they can build the biz of their dreams AND have time for family. Your turn is next!


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