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grace looks amazing on you

Why Grace Looks Amazing On You with Amy Seiffert – 034

I am a huge advocate of living with grace. In fact, this Charis Project is named after the Greek origin of “grace,” and it has been my personal passion to share with fellow moms the journey towards a graceful living.

The Many Faces of Grace

Amy shares with us that grace is not just about living a stress-free life, but it is also manifested in many ways. In her book, she discussed its different themes like;

  • Grace looks like confidence and in knowing who you are.
  • Grace looks like soul care. It is stopping and taking time for yourself.
  • Grace looks like practice. Because if you want to improve on something, you need to practice on it, such as practicing kindness, patience, and faith.
  • Grace looks like strength. It is overcoming battles.amy seiffert

… and a lot more. The important thing is to know is that living a life of grace matters as it makes us a better person, and we reflect that shine back to our kids, family, friends, and community. It may sound easy yet difficult, but in recognizing that it is achievable is the first step towards a graceful life.

The ‘Angry Mom’ Phenomenon

Us moms have this desire or goal of being that ‘kind’ mom that does not yell to our kids, or at least not angry all the time. But sometimes we mess it up, and we put pressure on ourselves that ripples into other aspect of our lives. There is a guarantee that we’re all gonna fail; but God is not asking us not to fail, but to boldly find grace and courage in the time of needs. He’s not asking to be perfect, he’s asking us to come to him. Finding grace is about recognizing that we are not perfect, we make mistakes, and that we’re all gonna mess up. So instead of loathing ourselves, we could turn this self-acceptance as a first step towards improving ourselves. We could tell ourselves, “Hey, I totally mess up, what am I gonna learn from this?” or “Hey I messed up, but this is what I’m gonna do to make it better next time.”

Finding Grace in the Hustle Culture

We live in a society that has created a culture of hustle and do mentality. It is often difficult to give ourselves some rest, because hustle culture shame us for not being busy. And when we find that little time for break, we turn into our phones and then make ourselves busy, online.

Taking a pause is the number one thing that’s gonna help somebody, yet it is the furthest thing from what people are willing to do. To find grace, practice these simple things everyday:

  • Get up early (ahead of the kids,) step outside, open your hand and say “God, give me your grace today” and breathe it out. Then name five things you are grateful for. It’s an amazing feeling to know the things you have received from God. And science has also proven that gratitude positively changes your day.
  • Set intentions for yourself. There will be times that you wake up at the same time with the kids, but you could find that quiet time in the day to set intentions for yourself when your kids are busy, like when they are watching TV or doing other activities.
  • Givie yourself permission to pause in the hustle. In your work or in the midst of mom duties, give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of silence a day. It could also be in the form of doing little things that bring you joy like reading a book. It may seem difficult, but think that the world continues to go on while you sit there and everything will still be okay.

“But I’m not even half on my to-do-lists!”

Know that it is okay not to finish everything on that list, because grace is also confidence and knowing who we are. By recognizing that God made you and is enamored by you, you’re not gonna have to hustle through your worth.

We’re not the sum of our accomplishments.

If you don’t get your to-do-list done, it’s not the end of the world. As Professor Brené Brown said, ‘we’ve got to stop seeing busyness as a status symbol in our culture.’ It is okay to just sit there and take a break, because we’re all just gonna find something to add to our to-do-lists. It’s not gonna stop.

“By recognizing that God made you exist and is enamored by you, you’re not gonna have to hustle through your worth.” – Amy Seiffert


Grace looks amazing on us even in the most unexpected ways. We often want to achieve or look a certain way, and we beat ourselves up for not meeting up to those standards we set for ourselves. But grace is recognizing your small triumphs, taking a break without guilt, and accepting God’s given grace to us.

Meet Amy

Amy has been writing, teaching, and speaking on staff with Cru for over 17 years and is currently the Director of Outward Movement at Brookside Church. She is married to Rob since 2001, and they live in Bowling Green, OH with their three children Robby, Olive, and Judah. She is the author of “Chin Up: Wearing Grace, Strength, and Dignity When Motherhood Unravels Our Souls” and is working on her second book with Tyndale Publishing House.

Grace Looks Amazing On You: 100 Days of Reflecting God’s Love

Chin Up:Wearing Grace, Strength, and Dignity When Motherhood Unravels Our Souls

IG and FB: @AmySeiffert

PS- I jumped onto the Big Top Podcast with Amy & Lori too! You can check it out here!

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