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Why you should create a women's circle with Kalista Schwartz -102

Why You Should Create a Women’s Circle with Kalista Schwartz

Why you should create a women's circle with Kalista Schwartz -102

One of the most important lessons that we have learned this year is the importance of community. Finding supportive people with shared interests, goals, and questions has helped us to keep moving forward in the face of challenges. These are the people that inspire and encourage us to pursue the things that make us happy.

Going Further into Circles

But more than that, there is another inner group that you need to be involved with. It’s called the “circle,” a small group of people where you can totally be vulnerable! It’s a safe space where you can share your struggles, achievements, and listen to other people’s stories too without being judged. (Check out how to navigate grief and learn to thrive after loss.)

We build that kind of sisterhood in the circles that develops deeper levels of connection and authenticity with each other. And it would definitely help a lot of moms ease some struggles when they can have people who understand their motherhood stories!

Tune in to this episode as Kalista and I discuss everything about circles!

Other life-changing stories you will learn in this episode…

  • The benefits of having a women’s circle
  • How to create or where to find your women’s circle
  • Fun activities for your circle
  • Amazing birth stories you need to hear
  • Learning how to educate our kids through our groups

“Reach out and find something that makes you feel better.” -Kalista Schwartz

Remember that we parent so much better when we work on ourselves first. And it’s part of self-care to deeply connect with our community and friends!

And if you’re looking where to start, you can join the Rising Moms Club and find people you can form your inner circle with!

Meet Kalista

Kalista is a Missouri native who has lived around the world, and she moved back to Kansas City in her mid 30’s with her husband and two children in 2014. She is a lover of coffee, of community, of world travel, and a women who believes that life is meant to be enjoyed! Kalista leads a vibrant and a close-knit weekly Women’s Circle, and multiple Birth Story Gatherings yearly. She also serves on a school board as Parent Association Chair. Nicci and Kalista joined ideas and dreams, and the Parenthood Collective was born!

Kalista is excited to continue the empowering and delightful tasks of being a wife, mother, and gatherer of circles. When Kalista became a mother almost 10 years ago, the perspective of all people, came down to the awareness that all were once children. Thus, the love of the young and the passion for moving humanity towards a more connective, whole-hearted life has filled Kalista with purpose. She then help families with a healthy work-life balance and with that comes the inner work of your own Soul.


IG: @parenthood_collective

FB: Parenthood Collective

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