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Self Care for Each Phase of Your Cycle

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

How we’ve tagged self-care with these grand gestures like a spa day or putting a fancy face mask on.

We’ve kind of lost that in the noise of our busy lives, haven’t we? 

Because real self-care isn’t just about those Instagram-worthy moments. 

It’s a series of small, mindful moments. It’s about checking in with yourself daily. I mean, really asking, “How am I doing?” 

Not just physically but emotionally too. It’s the everyday awareness that makes a difference.

“One of the most powerful things is literally this power of presence, the power of being able to be present with your body right where it’s at.” Renae Fieck

Take a moment during your day, despite the busy schedule, and check in. How’s your body feeling? 

Any tension, knots, or just fatigue? And emotions—how are you feeling? Happy, stressed, overwhelmed?

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It isn’t about fixing everything in one go. It’s about acknowledging where you are. 

Maybe you need a five-minute breather or a mindful walk. It’s whatever lets you connect with yourself in the middle of the chaos.

Let’s dive more about self-care in this episode as I share:

  • Self-care that syncs with your menstrual cycle phases
  • How using yoga and breathwork to release emotions increases productivity
  • Prioritizing our body and its impact on emotional and energetic wellbeing
  • The power of presence in self-care
  • The importance of embracing emotions for our personal growth

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