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How to Use Your Body For Bigger Biz Results

Once it’s done, then you’ll take a break.

You’ve got a deadline. There’s so much to get done. You’ve just got to focus.

You can stare at a screen. You can force yourself to focus (or try to).

You want to get it accomplished SOOOO badly it hurts.

Once it’s done, then you’ll go on vacation.

After you get it accomplished, then you’ll go on a date night with your partner.

But what if it’s never done?

That feeling of always having something to get done, does it ever go away on its own?

Doesn’t it feel as if every time you get close to getting it all done, something else gets added to the list and the “done-ness” just keeps getting moved further and farther away?

A year or so ago I had something I was working on that HAD to get done. After about 30 minutes, I noticed that instead of actually working on the project, I was bouncing between screens, appearing to be busy, but in reality, I was getting NOTHING done.

I could feel the tension building inside because I was both frustrated that I wasn’t getting it done and knew how much it needed to get done. But I felt so out of flow.

It felt forced.

And in that forced feeling, I wasn’t getting anything really accomplished. But there was a still, small voice inside that told me, “go practice yoga.”

It feels irrational. It feels unproductive to stop “working” and actually go do some yoga.

What would you have done?

Would you have felt too guilty to stop and go practice yoga while you had a mounding list of stuff with a deadline to get it done, or would you have stuck grinding it out?

Either way, there’s no right or wrong. But if you’re curious about how you can use your body to actually get you better results in business and tap into your flow, this week’s podcast is for you. 

“When we create healing around that [our body] then that allows us to then say yes, to more opportunities to go after bigger goals, to put ourselves in opportunities in places that’s going to allow us to expand and grow and allow us to get bigger results.” Renae Fieck

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Remember, it’s not about doing more; it’s about doing better. By embracing your natural rhythms, you’ll not only excel in your business but also create more time for what truly matters.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Episode 87 now and discover the secrets to unleashing your business potential. 

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a more confident, focused, and balanced you.


Join me in today’s podcast episode as I discussed:

    • The one rhythm you’ll only need for success
    • The results of leveraging breathwork for personal growth
    • Why intuition trumps logic in business
    • How healing your relationship with your body helps you scale your business to greater heights



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