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Unlock Balance & Sanity In Mom Life: Leveraging Your Cycle

Unlock Balance & Sanity in Mom Life: Leveraging Your Cycle

One of the most recent questions I got is “how do you actually cycle sync when we have kids?”

Which is exactly what you’ll discover inside this episode.


You will learn how to maximize your productivity as a mom by optimizing your daily routine.


“Embrace your rhythm and role model to your children what it looks like to create balance and thrive as a human being.” – Renae Fieck


Embracing my rhythm and paying attention to the changes in my estrogen and progesterone levels each month has impacted not just my business but how I adjust to all areas of my life.


This allows me to be more present and energetic with my kids in my outer phase, and to slow down and recharge in my inner phase.


Unlock Balance & Sanity in Mom Life: Leveraging Your Cycle
In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How can you leverage your cycle to benefit your mom life
  • What are the ways to lighten your load as a mom
  • How can you microdose self-care to stay sane during your cycle






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  • Vanessa Lindsey

    I liked this podcast as Renae gives very practical tips on how to leverage your cycle in your mum life. I’m going to be more intentional about the activities I choose/suggest to my kids when in my inner phase. I like the idea of playing doctors – we did this the other night at bedtime and my youngest put me to sleep for surgery which was lovely (though sometimes my eldest likes to perform quite gruesome surgeries- so may need a different activity for her)! Demonstrating how we should pull back and slow down at certain times is definitely something I want to do to teach my children how important this is!

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