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Uncovering Our Family’s Influence Through Family Constellations with Hanna Bier

Have you ever took a deeper look into your current beliefs? Have you ever thought whether those beliefs are what you truly believe in, or they just passed on traditions, or influenced by your environment or family?

I was super unfamiliar with family constellation therapy until my friend Hanna Bier, an energy healer and soulful success coach, brought it up. This gave me another powerful tool for examining and healing oneself.

Uncovering Our Family's Influence Through Family Constellations with Hanna Bier 

The Unique Therapy

We don’t usually take into account how our family upbringing impacted us and our lives. So navigating your family constellation and getting your family in ‘order’ again is one way to transform your life! (Check out more tips on transforming your life in this episode.)

Hanna discovered family constellation therapy when she was struggling with mental health. She shares with us how along the way of therapy, she discovered that a lot of her issues were influenced by her family. And you could have a somewhat similar case too.

Family Constellation Therapy is very unique, because it works with a modality that’s very hands on. By just looking at the closest people around you, one could determine certain imbalances in your life. For example, when you say you are best friends with your mom, it isn’t necessarily a good thing. Family constellation therapy teaches us that this kind of relationship can imply a certain imbalance. It could already be destabilizing to have a parent who we treat more than a parent.

The thing with family constellation therapy is we talk about things that nobody wants to talk about. Things like, emotional abuse, neglect, incest, adoption..etc. And yes, you’ll be dealing with a lot of terms at first, but once you get a handful of it, you’d be able to navigate your life more profoundly. (And Hanna makes it easier for us to learn the basics in this episode!)

Whether you grew up with a normal family, adopted, or no family at all, this family constellation therapy will help you uncover some of the reasons why you are the way you are now.

“It can be the most relieving, loving, and awesome thing to get your family matters in order.” – Hanna Bier

In this episode you will hear:

  • What Family Constellation Therapy is
  • The therapy process (and why it isn’t that scary)
  • How our families impact our lives and the way we interact with the world
  • How to use this therapy to heal from the inside and help us move forward
  • When, how, and where to get this therapy
  • PLUS Hanna gives us a FREE short therapy session in this episode!

It can be the most relieving, loving, and awesome thing to get your family stuff in order. Because it’s often the thing that hurts us the most. And when we have the courage to go there, it really has so much potential for relief and growth.

Meet Hanna

Hanna is an energy healer and soulful success coach. She helps ambitious women all around the world heal deeply and create successful love-filled and freedom-filled lives that they desire. She uses energy-clearings, family constellation, and masterful life in business strategy so she can help people transcend their current challenges and move into a high-level of confidence— creating an abundant future with embodied ease. She’s also worked with hundreds of women helping them achieve new levels of success in their love-based businesses, fall in love with their perfect mate, as well as grow lighter and brighter, and live more abundantly than ever before. She’s the host of The Mystics on a Mission Show, and lives in London.

Book a free session with Hanna at

Email her at: [email protected]

IG: hannafreespirited

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