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Transforming Your Life with Jen Jones

We all have a journey we are on

We each need to learn how valuable it is to help others and to grow in your heart and your head as a part of a whole person transformation.

A “Yes” attitude

Sometimes you have to just take that first step, even if you are afraid or if you don’t quite know where it will take you.

Believe, that God’s word is true. Ephesians 3:20 says “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”. Don’t just believe that He CAN do it, but that He WILL do it. One “yes” can be the catalyst to a promise fulfilled. Even if it looks a little different than you imagined. Having a “Yes” attitude is not about having no boundaries, but about wanting the best life for you and your family.

Core values let you know what you are for (not so much what you are against). They enable you to daringly say “yes” to those things that are in alignment with your values. Knowing your core values is essential to living your best life. It lets you know what you can say “yes” to.

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How do you fit in the time for all of this?

There are seasons, but that can be built into your structure. Start with the big rocks. Start will fueling your heart and mind. Even if it isn’t very much time.

Unexpected things will always come up, but structure determines so much of our behavior. We are more joy-filled when living in structure because we can be present and more effective in the moment.

As you move on to the next thing, like helping the kids get ready for the day, schedule your time so that when you are there, you are THERE. Not trying to multitask.

Structure make things non-negotiable. When you are working…work. When you are with the kids…be with the kids. Structure brings incredible freedom because you can be with the people you are with and not have to worry about a million things all at the same time.

Schedule your day with intention. Each space of the day has a meaning. There is so much joy in not having chaos

Let’s do our part and we know that God will do His.

Final thoughts…

Be encouraged, things don’t happen overnight, they take time. The things that matter most in life are not something that you can get instantly. And don’t be discouraged when obstacles come your way, sometimes we get what we desire by going through those obstacles. Obstacles are not a bad thing, they are opportunities to grow. It’s the hard things that transform us.

“Fruit doesn’t grow on the mountain top, it grows in the valley.”

Jen Jones

Meet Jen

“I am a wife to Marcus for 18 years. I’m a mom to Addie, Tatum, Brody and Piper. I believe my life is made better when I help people win. I use my voice to add joy, increase faith and build hope in others. I believe you were born to make a difference. I use my gifts to meet people at the point of their potential, building them to next steps in faith, for their family and through their “freak-outs”. I’m passionate about truth & grit. I embrace “Yes” as the answer, refusing to take no as an attitude. I think everyone matters, two are better than one and anything’s possible. I’m crazy for courage but can’t stand compromise. I value stretching into the person God created us to be.”

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