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Why Your Nervous System Matters When Cycle Syncing with Renae Fieck

Your nervous system is a powerful ally, but are you sending the right signals? 

Our bodies are these silent warriors dealing with stress and deadlines. And oftentimes, it goes unnoticed.

It’s like driving a car with a full tank, oblivious to the fact that it’s running on empty.

We’ve all been there. 

When we have those caffeine-fueled mornings and have all this energy, ready to crush our goals and start the day, thrilling but not sustainable. 

What if we could break free from the cycle? 

And we could figure out what it is that our body needs in order to create its own energy.

“Where can you start showing up for your body in a much bigger way and helping it bring it back into that state of regulation.” Renae Fieck

Take a moment. Pause. Ask yourself, what does your body really need? Is it more sleep, better nutrition, or maybe a breather in the middle of the chaos? 

Recognize that fight or flight mode and make a move. 

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Listen in today’s episode as I discuss:

  • The importance of aligning work with our cycle for productivity and balance
  • Managing energy and nervous system regulation
  • How breathwork helps overwhelmed individuals
  • Breathing techniques for stress management

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