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Real Life Self Care from Mom of Five Kids with Mimi Marie -95

Real Life Self Care from Mom of Five with Mimi Marie

As a mom of five, you would have figured that Mimi already has soooo much on her plate. Self-care almost seems impossible, but she is able to do so anyway. She is relax, happy, and thriving. What’s her secret?Real Life Self Care from Mom of Five Kids with Mimi Marie -95

Achieving the Peace Mindset

When Marie hit rock bottom, she knew something had to change. And the first thing that she did to move forward? She let go.

It’s important to realize that as moms, we are not meant to manage all the things that are weighing us down. We need to let some of our burdens (like physical stuff, relationships, unnecessary tasks, work/study, etc) go and prioritize our needs at the moment.

I see so many moms put themselves second before their loved ones. But that is actually one of the biggest motherhood mistakes! What kind of love, or care can we give everyone else when we’re not coming from a happy, healthy, and self-accepting place? It’s important that we are at peace with ourselves so we can give a more fulfilling kind of love to everyone else (and to avoid blowing up on our kids!)

In this episode, Mimi and I share some practical self-care tips for super busy moms who want to live a more peaceful and abundant life.

Other life-changing stuff you can learn from this episode…

  • Finding out self-care that works for you
  • Many ways to meditate
  • The power of not doing anything for a specific time
  • Tips to get rid of self-destructive habits (such as social media addiction)
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Bringing out more fun in the family

“Be mindful of your situation. You will realize that you’re doing more than enough.” -Mimi Marie

Self-care is not just a massage, or pedicure and all that. It can also be sitting down and just being mindful of the present moment. It is not easy, and it may take a while, but having that peaceful mindset makes a lot of difference.

Meet Mimi

Mimi is a woman and mom to 5 kids – almost all of them adults now! Her mission is to empower as many moms as possible on their journeys to health & happiness. She is known for her commitment to family & relationships, her love for health & nutrition, and her passion for writing, dance, the outdoors, and for making a difference in the world however she can.


Instagram: iam.mimimarie

Facebook: Mimi Marie

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