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What Mom Self Care Really Looks Like with Jackie Rockwell

What Mom Self Care Really Looks Like with Jackie Rockwell- 56

You might have heard a lot of tips and advice on self-care for moms, but you find it hard to stick to it. Like, it’s just sooooo difficult to find the ‘time’ when you are a mom, right? Especially when you are also burdened with the mom-guilt when you do so.

What Mom Self Care Really Looks Like with Jackie Rockwell

Self-Care is a Priority

But mamas, we have just started the year and it’s about time to make the necessary changes in our lives to get where we want to be. (See also How to Become Authentically You.) It’s time to debunk this “I’m too busy” attitude and remove the mom guilt in order for us to flourish not just for ourselves, but for our family too. It is IMPORTANT to put self-care in our priority list because of how powerful it is in changing every aspect of our lives— be it in health, relationships, finances, and so on.

Since moms often struggle to find ways to stick to self-care tips, I invited my friend Jackie to join us on the podcast.  As, a self-care coach, she will share with us what self-care for moms actually looks like and how can we stick to it.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Debunking myths about self-care
  • Why scheduling it in is very important
  • Small everyday tasks you can change to improve yourself
  • How to create the ‘time’ for self-care when you think you don’t have any free time
  • Why taking care of ourselves is necessary not just for us, but for the kids and the people around us
  • Conversing with your family about self-care

Self-care can be choosing to “waste” time, snuggling, or anything else you enjoy but self care should be intentional. Remember that by loving yourself, you are taking care of yourself. And self-care means loving your family.

“Self-care equals self-love.” -Jackie Rockwell

Meet Jackie

Jackie is an expert in helping women get self-care and feel their best as a confident mom. She’s the founder of Motherhood inspired, an intentional platform that encourages moms to prioritize themselves through self-care. She’s on a mission to ditch mom guilt and mom shaming. Jackie also believes that moms are not meant to get stuck in motherhood. She is a private coach for busy moms who are ready to feel confident and balanced in their motherhood, and believes the power within us to live a full and abundant lives, and manage errands well. The Confident Wealthy Mom is her course that teaches moms how to save for family vacation, and all the things they want to do.

IG: motherhood.inspired

FB: Jackie Rockwell

Book a free call and see her other quick self care ideas at:

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