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How Motherhood Gives Us a Clean Slate with Marta Spirk

How Motherhood Gives Us a Clean Slate with Marta Spirk- 056

Becoming a mother is a major catalyst for a woman’s life. We describe it as a mixture of both happiness (because of our children) and frustrations (because of our children too) but oftentimes, we think of it as losing ourselves in the process as we no longer have the ‘luxury’ to think of ourselves first. While many can relate, there is another way to look at motherhood— in a wonderful, and hopeful perspective. (Check out the One Thing that Has Shifted my Mindset.)

How Motherhood Gives Us a Clean Slate with Marta Spirk

Becoming a “Perfect” Mom

Marta Spirk, having to take care of triplets as a first time mom, realized how intense it is to become a mother especially for a go-getter like her who wants to pursue many things. But after a some mindset shift and persistence, she is able to pursue her goal of becoming a women empowerment coach while being a mom of three.

In this insightful episode, Marta will share with us how do we make our busy motherhood work in our favor towards self-discovery and amazing transformation towards becoming the “perfect” mom that is just inside ourselves.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • What’s the best way to be a mom? (clue: the answer starts with you!)
  • The shift from ‘surviving day-to-day’ mindset to a purposeful everyday living
  • Motherhood as an opportunity to find out who you are and what you want to be
  • How you can appreciate yourself more when it seems difficult
  • Finding ourselves in the midst of responsibilities

“Motherhood is accepting that you can’t control everything— but yourself.” -Marta Spirk

Meet Marta

A mom of triplets, Marta teaches women, especially busy moms, to improve their self-esteem by going deep into personal development. She has a podcast called Mom Does it All where she encourages women to build their self-confidence through self-love. She uplifts women to step into their own power and realize that they REALLY can do it all.

Learn about The Empowered Woman School at her website:

IG: @martaspirk

FB: @martadoesitall

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