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Why You Need to Uncover Your Cycle Story with Renae Fieck

Why You Need to Uncover Your Cycle Story

In order to fully leverage your cycle the way you want it to, we have to talk about your story around it. So we are tackling the stigma, shame, and myths one may have around menstrual cycles. Because you have to uncover those beliefs in order to trust and embrace the cyclical living!

The ‘embarrassing’ stigma

that we have around our cycles are often brought by our lack of conversations about it, old beliefs passed down to us, and our own (kept) experiences that shape those beliefs. This feeling is so common that according to the research conducted by THINX, around 58% of women feel embarrassed around their periods. So can you see the incongruence with trying to use your cycle as your guide but (subconsciously) feeling embarrassed by it?

I understand.

I’ve been there. 

Before we dive into the podcast, I’m going to throw in some staggering stats around the perception people have on menstrual cycles:
  • 52% of women experienced period shaming.  Like, “she’s moody” or “it’s her time of the month.”
  • Around 44% of those men admitted to making these jokes about their partner’s moods or interactions while she’s on her period.
  • 51% of men believe that it’s inappropriate for women to talk about their cycles in the workplace. (It is quite shocking that men feel it’s inappropriate for women to talk about their hormones which are literally impacting the way they work and interact.)
  • 63% of women have canceled plans because they are dealing with symptoms related to their cycles. And 40% of those women have to make a false claim as to why they canceled their plans. (Again, period shame.)

There’s a lot that we need to change and overcome as a society. It’s time to stop perpetuating the stigma we have around women’s menstrual cycles. So let’s make this the beginning of our conversations. Join me in this episode!

Why You Need to Uncover Your Cycle Story with Renae Fieck

  • Debunking passed down myths around cycles
  • Avoiding menstrual nicknames and saying it for what it is
  • Why we shouldn’t keep it a secret
  • Uncovering your personal story and beliefs around your own cycle
  • Overcoming the shame you have around your cycle
  • The importance of sharing personal menstrual stories

“You cannot sweep your own trauma under the rug. We have to talk about it.” -Renae Fieck

I would love for you to join this journey with me of breaking down the stigma and embarrassment women have with their cycles. Because you would have massive breakthroughs in your life if you learn to uncover your personal experience around your cycle.

So let’s bring some healing around our personal traumas. Let’s transform the way we perceive our menstrual cycles. Let’s transform the way we manage our time, business, bodies, etc. Join us in the Cycle Advantage!

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