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3 Counterintuitive Ways to Boost Productivity with Renae Fieck

3 Counterintuitive Ways to Boost Productivity

Ever wonder how it might be possible to enjoy guilt-free rest?

Inside this episode, we’re going to talk about how your recharge phase is the KEY to finding guilt-free rest.

You’ll also discover how to achieve your highest goals and feel balanced in your life and business and why the recharge is an essential piece.

I recommend you check first how the four phases of your cycle impact your body before diving into this one!

Recharge ≠ Self-care

Have you ever noticed how many people talk about “doing” self-care” and yet it feels like just one more thing to add to the to-do list? When we talk about the recharge phase, it’s easy to assume that it jut means doing self-care.

But your recharge is different.

The goal is not to add anything more to your plate. The goal is to create the space to adequately fuel yourself for your accelerate phase that comes next.

What I find is that so many women are focused on what “self-care” is supposed to look like and really have little awareness of what actually fuels them. In order to ensure you’re adequately charged up, you have to know what it is that fills your cup. 

Inside this episode, you’ll learn 3 ways you can do to recharge that you may not have actually considered before and how they can actually BOOST your productivity.

You’ll also discover…

  • Effective ways to ground yourself and avoid distractions
  • How to recharge when the children are around
  • How does comparing yourself to other people stifles your own intuition
  • Why you should stay away from social media during recharge phase
  • Using this time to tap into your intuition, creativity, and inspiration

“Your own intuition is the key to your most creative ideas. But you need the space to listen to it.” – Renae Fieck

3 Counterintuitive Ways to Boost Productivity with Renae Fieck

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