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Give Yourself Permission to Live in Rhythm-007

Living with rhythm

Our world is made up of rhythms, seasons, and cycles. Yet we often believe we have to operate in a consistent pace, linear, steady speed all the time. This idea is what makes us feel like we live on a hamster wheel because there’s never anytime for rest or rhythm.  We feel like we have to constantly be productive each and every single day. We aren’t linear people. 

As women, we have a naturally bodily cycle. When you tap into this natural rhythm within your body you can maximize your time throughout the month.

Phases of the month

Warrior Phase

This by far your most productive phase of the month.  You feel like you rocking it in life. This is when you get all the bills paid, the to- do list checked off.  Take advantage of this week of the month to get those monotonous or not so fun tasks checked off your list.

Social Phase

This is the time of the month when you want to connect and reach out with your friends. You want to be involved in activities that connect you with others. You are the most attractive and “glowing” so if you have been dying to go on a shopping spree, this is the week!

Inner Phase

You will feel the most triggered this week out of any of the other weeks. You’re going to feel the most overwhelmed and frustrated.  It’s the time of the month that I’m focused inward and learning about myself. I take the extra time to reflect and process all the feelings going on inside.

Be cautious with what goes on the calendar during this week. You’ll often find that it’s easier to feel overwhelmed, judgmental, or irritable during this week. Don’t add too much to your plate that’s going to contribute to these feelings.

Stay off social

Word to the wise…stay off social media. With all the internal processing going on and the fears and doubts that bubble to the surface, you’re likely to start judging others and yourself as you see other’s on social media. Comparison may be ablaze and it’s best to avoid laying into those feelings of inadequacy.

Spend time reflecting

Take the extra time looking inward and examining fears and worries. Allow yourself to process them, learn from them, grow, and find ways to become a better person.

This week can oftentimes feel uncomfortable. Allowing yourself to work through the feelings rather than stuffing them down, will make you not only become a better person but help you navigate through the feelings easier.

Give yourself grace

Give yourself the most grace during this week. You’re feeling on edge, so it’s likely that you may snap at people or overreact. Give yourself grace to be extra emotional and continue to process those feelings so that as time goes on, you’re less likely to be triggered by the same issues.

Your reactions are not WHO you are

Give yourself permission to feel but also be sure to let them go. These feelings do not have to be your identity. Just because you feel a certain way, does not mean that they are who you are. Your reactions and emotions are just that….reactions. They are not you.

Rest Phase

This can be uncomfortable for those of us who don’t like to rest. I don’t rest well. Yet, I am a HUGE proponent of it and now that it is absolutely necessary and vital for our lives.

When you give yourself this dedicated rest time, it allows you to become more productive the rest of the month. It’s only 3 days of the month. The to-do’s can wait for 3 days. Because when you allow yourself to have this rest, you won’t reach that point of burn out and you’ll have more energy to accomplish all that you want to accomplish in life.

Be strategic in this rest phase with filling your time with things that are intentionally going to fill your cup. This may look different from person to person because each of us feel restoration in different ways.

It may be with your family or without. You may focus on increasing connection with your family, thus filling their cups too. There are many activities we can do WITH our family that can serve as self care. It doesn’t always have to be a day away at the spa.

I know it might be hard but try not to worry about the daily life tasks. Don’t worry about dishes and cooking and laundry. If you plan ahead for these rest days, you can set yourself up to just be and rest during these 3 days.

Visionary phase

It’s time to look ahead to the month that’s coming. What do you have coming up? What needs to be on your calendar? Where do you want your time to be spent.

Plan out your month. Set a goal for the month

Use this time to reflect on the prior month and plan forward what still needs to be done.

How to use these phases on a monthly basis

Being conscious of where you are in a monthly rhythm helps you schedule and plan activities, to dos, and events that are going to align with your body’s natural rhythm. Add the phases to your calendar so that as you plan your month plug all your stuff in for when you’ll be most aligned to perform those tasks.

If you aren’t menstruating, you can still use the rhythm and cycles in your life.  Feel into your body and what you feel. Start to tune in and match up with where you feel in a cycle and then set the rhythm.

We need to give ourselves grace to know that parts of our month when we might be acing it and other times failing but that neither one of those define who we are and define our identity.

It’s okay to give yourself permission to rest and fall apart from time to time.

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