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How to Find Space in the Midst of Busy

Lately I’ve had so many thoughts and ideas swirling in my head. I’ve been finding myself in “thoughts overwhelm.” So my friend suggested getting outside and going on a hike. I put it off for a week. Not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t find the time amidst the sick kids, work, and, well….just life.

why do I resist?

But today when I got a spontaneous visit from my brother (who I haven’t seen in FOREVER), so we went outside for a beach walk. And as I walked along the cliffs at Sunset Cliffs, I asked myself why. Why do I resist this so much? Why do I feel like I have to keep working so hard? Why do I feel like it isn’t ok to stop and take a rest? Why do I feel like resting is counter productive?

space gives us clarity

We HAVE to take breaks. We have to stop focusing on the task at hand if we want to make progress. It’s in the space where we find clarity, ideas, and inspiration. It seems counter intuitive to stop hustling and “working” but space is what our minds need. There will ALWAYS be something to do. We’re wired to keep adding to our plates. BUT, we don’t have to let ourselves. We can stop. We can rest. We can get outside and gain some clarity. Giving yourself to rest is the number one way to have a breakthrough in somewhere you are struggling. Yet often, it goes against every urge in our body that says “keep at it.” We feel like if we just work harder, we’ll get it all accomplished.

get outside friend…

So if you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, lost or overwhelmed….go do something outside. There’s something extremely powerful about taking that rest time in nature. Let the space and the nature speak to you. Allow yourself to take a mental and physical break and wait for it…..your breakthrough is coming. Your peace amidst the busy of life is found in the small whispers of of the breeze, the rustling of the leaves, or the crashing of the waves…



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