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Managing Mom Stress with Whitney Bean

Managing Mom Stress with Whitney Bean

Managing Mom Stress with Whitney Bean

We often think of stress in a negative way. Anything that we feel that is too much becomes stress, and it’s causing a lot of physical pressure. But stress is not really the bad guy! When you feel stressed, it means that your body is trying to tell you something. So all those physical tension, emotions, and pressure can really be great information.

Think of it as a data. The stress is the result of what’s going on with you. And you use that information to improve or address your situation.

Managing Stress with Intention

To manage stress, we have to be intentional with what we do. Intention in achieving balance. Because if you are feeling overwhelmed, either something is wrong or something is too much— and you have to go the other way if you want to change that. And in order to get to that other place, you have to have some intention.

And being intentional doesn’t mean added inner work, if you worry about that. But it only means being mindful and present in making decisions to try something different! (See also: 5 reasons you might be procrastinating.)

So how do we determine if we have to go the other way?

Being balanced is being yourself or feeling authentic. So when you start acting like ‘not yourself’ or you feel overwhelmed, it means that something in that arena/situation is out of balance for you. On the other hand, when you feel authentic, when you are doing something that excites and inspires you, or when things come naturally, then you’re balanced.

Now how do we get to that balanced state? Join me and Whitney in this amazing conversation on how we can better manage our stress!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Practical steps to destress
  • How to remain consistent in being intentional
  • Being flexible with our ways
  • Teaching kids how to manage their stress
  • Balancing parenting and managing our stress

“Use your authenticity as an indicator of where you’re at. Are you feeling like yourself?” -Whitney Bean

Managing stress is also creating space for you to heal, get creative, and have fun. It’s always changing. So give yourself the grace to change your routine or ways. Because your body might need something different at this time than before, and the next months.


Meet Whitney

Whitney is a certified wellness and life coach, a birth doula, and a mom of 4. She coaches intentional women to look inward, listen to their body’s natural communication, create space for processing, and inevitably show up in the present moment as the most authentic version of themselves. Whitney teaches tools that are practical, realistic, and can easily be integrated into busy, everyday life.


Podcast: A Tad Bit Crunchy

Instagram: @atadbitcrunchy

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