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Making Room for Creativity with Siobhan Jones

Making Room for Creativity with Siobhan Jones

Creativity is a form of self-care and is powerful in so many ways. It can restore, heal, and align us. And it is a part of who you are.

Now you may think that this is not for you because you’re not a ‘creative’ person. But neuroscience says that the creative process is the process of coming up with an idea and evaluating it— whether or not you want to do something about that idea. So that means, everyone is inherently creative. And that the question we should ask ourselves is, “what do you do with that creativity?” (Check out: becoming a vision-driven mom.)

What’s stopping you?

For most of us, the main thing that holds us back from creating is perfectionism. We often think that something should be perfect first before putting it out into the world. But creativity is a fascinating process. It starts with mess. No matter what you do, and no matter how instantly good you are at it.

We often worried about what it’s going to look like so we find it difficult to start. But what you can do, is allow the mess to happen before you can do the refinement. So let your creativity flow!

Besides, creativity is being open to new & exciting ideas, and then being able to connect them together in a way that is authentic to you (because not being able to create something authentic for you is draining.) Creativity is allowing the ideas to marinate in you. So let go of the outcome, and practice being!

Join me and Siobhan into this insightful talk about making room for creativity. And why is it important as moms!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Why you should tap into your creativity
  • How can showcasing creativity benefits your kids too
  • Practical steps to hone your creativity
  • Ways you can practice creativity in your mom life
  • How can creativity bring you freedom and restoration

“Creativity is bringing life and ideas into the world in only the way that you can.” – Siobhan Jones

In a society where productivity is valued much more than being, a creative outlet is your way of acknowledging your soul. So dedicate a time for it, and don’t be afraid to start where you are!


Meet Siobhan

Siobhan Jones is a Creative Mentor who helps successful women to unlock their creative gifts for soul restoration and life transformation. She mentors women like you to find time for their creative outlet, whether that be a hobby, for therapeutic purposes, or you want to impact the world. Siobhan hosts The Unlocked Creative podcast.

Podcast: The Unlocked Creative

Instagram: @unlocked_creative

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