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How Perfectionism Impacts Mom Life with Eva Benmeleh

How Perfectionism Impacts Mom Life with Eva Benmeleh

The Problem with Perfectionism

As a clinical psychologist, Eva highlights how perfectionism permits a lot of depression, anxiety, and parent-child relationship issues. Yet, it is common for moms to feel the intense pressure to keep everything ‘perfect’ or ‘put together.’ We want to provide everything for our children, have those picture-perfect parties, have an amazing career, be an amazing wife, etc. And we expect to handle them all with smiles on our faces. But it’s difficult to grasp this fantasy when it’s not the reality.

How Perfectionism Impacts Mom Life with Eva Benmeleh

And perfectionism is often hard to pinpoint because, in the mind of the parent, we’re just trying to do what we think is best for them. Thus we overlook the fact that we’re already being controlling. What’s also dangerous is that we think our child alone has ‘behavioral problems.’ When in reality, we are contributing to their issues by trying to control them or shape them into our own ideals. So we must be aware of our role in the relationship that’s contributing to their issues.

In addition, perfectionism shows up in many ways. It could be that inner-critic in your everyday life. It could also be the urge to tell other people what to do and how to do it, or our avoidance to seek help.

Join me and Eva in this important discussion on how perfectionism impacts mom life! (See also: Finding balance in motherhood.)

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Subtle symptoms of perfectionism
  • How our perfectionism impacts our children’s self-esteem
  • How to lessen our perfectionism
  • Spotting our perfectionist tendencies
  • Overcoming self-criticism

“Overcoming perfectionism will give you a better grasp of your relationship with the people you love.” – Eva Benmelah

Perfectionism can be good. But only in the sense that it helps us to achieve our goals and helps us get better at the things that we do. And we shouldn’t allow it to reach the point of ruining our relationships and self-worth.

So if you want to feel acceptance while supporting your growth, join us in the Rising Moms Club!

Meet Eva

Dr. Eva Benmeleh is a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and perfectionism across the life span. And as a recovering perfectionist herself, she understands the underlying strains felt by her clients. That is, to find the perfect way to keep everyone happy and everything according to the perfect plan. Thus Dr. Eva guides her clients to live life more fully and authentically perfect.


Instagram: dr.Evatherapy

Facebook: Dr. Eva Benmeleh Therapy

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