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Finding Happiness in letting go of unmet expectations with Tabitha Cee -77

Finding Happiness in letting go of unmet expectations with Tabitha Cee

Finding Happiness in letting go of unmet expectations with Tabitha Cee -77

What you expect is not always the best

One of the reasons we lose happiness is because of our unmet expectations. If you’re a new mom, you’ll find yourself presented with a lot of “should do’s” and we often try a lot of these different guides so we can be the perfect mom for our kids. Then suddenly you find yourself frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to be.

Wanting the best for our children is totally understandable. But hey, you don’t deserve to be this stressed! In fact, the best way to be a mother to our kids is to be in tune with our self and our kid’s specific, unique needs. We accustom ourselves to societal expectations when each of us have our own different, unique experiences and personalities that we need to learn more about.

Join Tabitha and I in this episode as we share tips on how we can let go of unmet expectations and be the best mom we can be! (See also the one thing you need to know to get unstuck!)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Information you need about C-sections
  • Knowing your circumstances
  • How you can trust your intuition
  • The reality of motherhood that we need to embrace
  • The myth of being ‘perfect’
  • The importance of authenticity for you and others

“Done is better than perfect” -Tabitha Cee

If you constantly try to meet the expectations of everyone around you, you’re going to be completely unhappy. You need to let go of perfectionism and trust yourself so that you would have the strength to face whatever comes your way!

Meet Tabitha

Tabitha is the mama of two, Alaskan born and raised, and founder of The Mama Matters. She’s passionate about empowering overwhelmed moms to take motherhood from chaotic to a sweet season of meaning, purpose, and productivity. She loves chatting and teaching all things morning routine, self-love, and gratitude with a sprinkle of routines and habits. She serves up loads of free goodness on her blog and offers mini-courses for mamas who are ready to go from information to transformation!

Instagram: @themamamatters

Facebook: @themamamatters

Facebook group: The Mama Matters Tribe

Pinterest: The Mama Matters

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