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Lessons Learned on the Road with Renae Fieck -90

Life Lessons Learned on the Road

Finally! My family and I have achieved one of our goals, and that is to live in an RV for sometime and travel around the country. And one month into it, we’ve already had a truly amazing experience. But most importantly, I have gained life-changing lessons that I wanted to share with you in this episode. 

Life Lessons Learned on the Road with Renae Fieck -90

How to take the leap

This experience is so far out of the conventional “shoulds” of the everyday life. We get accustomed to this linear sort of ‘progression’ in life such as: go to college, get a job, build a home, have a family..etc But have we ever thought of stepping away from the expectations of others, and figure out how we truly want to live our lives?

Upon discovering what we want or want to try, we may be faced with certain blockages in our mindsets. You might tell yourself, “this is what I want, but it’s impossible because only a few have done it.” But what if you instead ask yourself, “this is the life I want, how can I make this happen? What would it look like if I step into this dream?” (See also why you keep failing at your goals.)

Shifting into this kind of mindset helped me actualize this dream of living in an RV and travelling. And this experience has been widening more and more of my perspective.

So here’s the summary of the first things I have learned:

(1)  Letting go of what you think life should be

(2) Releasing expectations

(3) We can live with far less than we ever thought we could live with

(4) How finding the right and supportive community is soooo empowering

Join me in this episode as I elaborate on these lessons and share our RV story!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How we made our dream possible despite the hurdles
  • Transformative questions to ask ourselves
  • What determines the quality of one’s life
  • Where to find support for your dreams
  • Why your dream, no matter what it is, is valid

“Think of the life you want and ask yourself, ‘How can I make this happen?’” 

-Renae Fieck

From this experience, I have also figured out how I can lessen the housework time through decluttering. And I can’t wait to share those lessons with you on the next Great Clutter Clear Out on November 9th! I want to help you align yourself with the things that truly matter to you and not spend most of your days on chores.

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