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Why You Keep Failing At Your Goals with Renae Fieck -83

Why You Keep Failing At Your Goals

Have you ever wondered why you keep failing at achieving the goals you set?  You try to change your habits but then you come back to your old ways after a certain period of trying. You think you’re making progress but find yourself stuck and failing over and over again at the same thing.

Why You Keep Failing At Your Goals

The Art of Letting Go

Let me share a different perspective. Do you notice that to achieve the things you want, there is always a new task that is added to your list of to-dos? You find yourself overwhelmed because you have more things to do to get your goals achieved.

And that is most likely the reason why you fail. So, what if instead of trying to do more, you practice letting go? Like a balloon, we will naturally rise if we are untethered. Focusing on releasing those things that are weighing us down will have the fastest impact. It will give us a greater trajectory into our goals more than adding more things to our to-do list!

Join me in this episode as I share my insights on why letting go is the best way to achieve your goals. (See also how to find happiness in letting go of unmet expectations.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • The many benefits of letting go
  • How to figure out what’s holding you down
  • Discover the causes of your habits/triggers
  • Learning to let go
  • Questions you need to ask yourself for self-discovery
  • Self-care activities to let go

“Mindfulness is living in the present. Self-discovery is looking backwards.” -Renae Fieck

I challenge you to dig deeper into yourself and discover the layers that’s been holding you back. Peel those layers off so you can show your uniqueness, and then rise. 

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