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Motherhood’s Rock Bottom- 001

Welcome to my very first episode.

I am super stoked about this and this journey and want to share how I got to this place.

Whether or not your new to me or if we’re dear old, long, good friends. I want you to understand my purpose, heart and mission behind this podcast.

My Story

A few years ago I found myself completely exhausted at my bare bones rock bottom place in my life. We had gone through probably the hardest year of my life.  My husband was randomly diagnosed with a brain tumor, we faced surgery and ongoing seizures.  On top of it we were adjusting to a surprise pregnancy, a new job, and tons of adjustments.

I was driving my husband back and forth to work every day with two kids and pregnant and then after having our third baby.  In that season I literally remember thinking, I just have to get through this.  I have no other option in my life right now. It was incredibly humbling. I feel like I had to ask for help more than I’ve ever asked for in my life. And it just brought me to this place of complete exhaustion.

We went on a trip to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. And I remember being in Hawaii and I got on facebook live and I was sharing about our trip and about how it was less than I had expected.  I had anticipated that being on vacation, would be this ultimate refresher for me and that I would feel awake and rejuvenated and refreshed and I could just turn off all of the distractions and all of the things from life.  I had hoped that the week was going to be enough to reset my soul. But when I started the facebook live video, I ended up melting down because I realized just how far I had driven myself into the ground and how hard motherhood can really be.

Why Do We Put Ourselves Last?

We  put self care on the back burner and say, well someday I’ll get to it.

This is just a season. I just need to get through this. And while there definitely is times in your life when you’re going to be going through a season and there’s going to be things that cause you to just buckle down, there’s also this expectation that self care is an optional item. I think that is where society is doing women a very big disservice…believing that self care is optional.

Essentially out of that weekend and that week away in Hawaii, I decided that I had to do something different. What got me to the place that I was in right then and right there was not working. I had to make a choice to do something different and I didn’t care what it was. I was going to dig myself out of this hole that I was in and I was going to try something and try something and try something until I found something that was working.  I feel like now, a couple of years later, I found those tools and I found those resources that work for me.

Making Change

What I’ve found is that they’re not just things that are working for me. They work consistently for  other women too. I want to share those with you.

I also want this podcast to create a space for us to be able to come together and create this community where we can share those raw and vulnerable feelings and emotions.  I want us to be able to recognize that we’re all in this together.  You and I connecting, sharing, and building each other up is going to help the whole collective of women and motherhood and the next generation that we’re bringing up behind us.

We’re going to support each other and that we’re going to allow ourselves to actually fail.

We’re going to allow ourselves the grace to make mistakes.

We’re going to allow ourselves the freedom to not be judged by each other or let alone judge ourselves.

Mom guilt is so awful. I cannot tell you enough how many women I talked to that have shame and guilt over the things they are or are not doing as a mom. So I want this to be a space where we can come together, you can share your frustrations, you can share your struggles and we can figure out a solution. We can figure out a way to get through it and just recognizing that there are other moms and there’s other women out there that are feeling the way that you do and that we’re all going to figure this out.

Self care and taking care of those emotions and feelings… the fears and  things  inside of you is absolutely critical for you to be the best version of yourself. We cannot sweep things under the rug and expect that we’re going to live a life that we love.

That’s my vision for this podcast.  I hope that you will tune in and leave with tangible tools and strategies or motivation, inspiration or whatever it may be so that you can uplevel your life. I want you to gain ways that you can actually begin to create the life you want, the life you love right here in the right now.

And sometimes it can feel really overwhelming. It can feel really far off and we maybe have these big dreams or we wish that life was different. I want you to be able to understand that you have a choice today to choose how you want to live today and the choices that you make a right here and right now in your day to day are going to determine where your future trajectory goes.

It’s going to determine what your life looks like five years from now. So even if you’re in a really crazy season, if you are feeling totally down and out, if you’re feeling like life is just so overwhelming and that you’re just doing what you can to survive and get through. I understand. I want you to know I get it and I’ve been there, but I also know that we have a choice and the things that we choose each and every day are going to keep us in that space of where we feel stuck and we feel like we’re just barely surviving.

All of the micro moments are going to be the things that add up and create this really beautiful life that you want in the future. Or even now. The small decisions that you make today about how you’re going to think and how you’re going to act are going to make today either a day that you love and enjoy or they’re going to leave you feeling like it was a waste of a day. Ultimately you have that choice.

We’re In This Together

I’m excited to bring on amazing women that are going to share with you the tools, wisdom, and the inspiration that they have had.

Together we can walk this journey together.

When we are isolated,  that is the true place where we just take ourselves down to the ground. So, let’s bring this together and create this community and live with more grace for ourselves and for each other and the people around us. And ultimately we’re going to create that life that we want one single day at a time, one choice at a time, one habit at a time.

Thank you so much for joining me on today’s episode. I’m so excited for this journey and I look forward to having you join me on it. And I’m seeing you in the next episode.

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