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7 Signs that You Need Self-Care

How you know you need self care? When do you know you’ve been pushed too far? And what do you do about it when it happens?

Moms are known for being the worst at indulging in some self-care.  As soon as we’re given that tiny bundle of joy, we immediately begin to sacrifice…time, sleep, focus, going out, clean laundry, a decent meal. The problem is that over time….that much selfless giving turns into MonsterMom. Trust me, I’ve been there, and she ain’t pretty. You truly aren’t doing the best for your kids if you don’t take care of yourself first.

So here are 8 signs that you might be in need of a little time for yourself.

You’re reaching for the coffee 5 times a day.

When you’re just completely drained and relying on other means to keep you going, you need not only some more sleep, but a good dose of good nutrition and exercise to boost your natural energy boosters.

You’re thinking of the 1 million things you have to do.

We’re always going to have a list.  But if you can’t turn it off and relax, that’s when you’re going to get yourself into trouble.

It’s been 3 days since your last shower.

Now it’s one thing if you just naturally smell of roses, but for me…if I haven’t showered in 3 days, it’s more likely mama neglect.  And trust me, the people around you will be thankful you’ve practiced a little self-care too.

Exercise consists of pacing back and forth to get the baby to sleep.

Where can we squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise, right? I get it. I remember asking if walking at work would suffice as working out (the consensus was “no” btw). Boosting your activity just a little bit can do wonders for your energy, confidence, sleep, and strength.

You’re bouncing between #allthethings and not getting anything accomplished.

Call it “chasing shiny objects” or “SQUIRREL!” or just simply “juggling it all,” it’s all the same.  It’s called multi-tasking.  And man on man does research show that it just doesn’t work.  Focus, mama! You need to take a few breaks and focus on just one task so that you can actually get something done.

You’re easily snappy at the hubs and the kids.

Well, hello, monster mom. And not just the time of the month monster mom. But the monster mom all-the-time-mom.  When those little things, like the finger prints on the windows really irk you….When you start to get on your kids for their mistakes instead of giving them a little bit of grace.

Each day feels like another day on the hamster wheel.

I whole heartedly believe that you and I were both made to live and love to our utmost potential.  I don’t believe life is meant to be “just lived.”  I believed we’re made to live in abundance and excitement.  When you start to dread waking the next morning…you need to take a little reset.


If you said “yes” to any of these, you need to go read my post a few weeks ago….9 Tips to Avoid #mamaOverwhelmed and check out my 50+ Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms.

And share this post with someone who needs a little TLC.










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