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Why You Should NOT Workout Everyday?

I’m going to tell you why you should NOT workout. Yup, these are the reasons you should NOT exercise on a daily basis. If any of these are you, then just keep on skipping your workouts. Working out is NOT for you.

Working out can cause the following side effects:

Increased Energy

If you wake each morning with boundless amounts of energy, then you don’t need the energy rush from a good workout. Heed the warning: if you work out, you may have enough energy to get breakfast ready, the laundry done, the dishes put away AND still have energy to play with the kids at the park (without the 3pm caffeine shot).

Decreased Stress

Stress can feel great, can’t it? When you have that heavy weight on your shoulders from taking care of it all, it makes us….stronger? But if you’re not wanting to decrease any stress in your life, be sure to avoid the sweat sesh.

Increase Your Sex Drive

This is a serious side effect, ladies.  Be sure your hubs doesn’t find out about this one. But that increased energy and decreased stress, and additional hormones running around your body can make you a little more ready to go at night.

Increase Your Strength

Lugging around 3 kids, a stroller, snacks, and diaper bags is a piece of cake. And those times when you run a toddler down the beach to a bathroom while carrying an infant? Who wants to have the strength to perform such a task??

Increased Lifespan

While a good sweat session can’t take the credit entirely, this is definitely a side effect you need to consider when partaking in this activity.

Positive Mood

Watch out! Those endorphins and hormones can eliminate your sit in frustration, grouchy with the kids and hubs, sort of mood.

A Better Community

While some people work out solo, lots of people work out with at least 1 other person. Or maybe you’re like the women over in the #Nourished Group who help keep each other accountable throughout the year. That would lead to a workout friend(s) which then leads to community….and we all know what can happen with that

Boosted Immunity

A runny nose and being down for the count is a right of passage every winter, right? Who wants to avoid that?

So heed my caution and consider whether or not these side effects are worth it for you or not. Share this post if you have a friend that needs to head the Workout Warning!


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