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How to Stop PMS with Erica Workman

PMS isn’t normal.

I know that’s what everyone’s told you.

And because it’s so common, it’s easy to believe that it’s a normal thing. 

But what if in fact it wasn’t?

Why do some women have it and others don’t? 

What if there was a way you could heal your body and actually eliminate it?

Every month, a lot of women experience PMS.

But there is hope.

Erica Workman is going to transform the way you view PMS (and maybe even more than that!) 

Inside this episode, you’ll discover the in’s, out’s and everything in between about PMS. 

– what causes it, how to manage its symptoms, and even how to eliminate it. 

By the end of this episode, you will feel equipped to take charge of your health since we have a ton of knowledge and guidance to impart.


Here are the keynotes from today’s episode:
  • What should you be experiencing during your luteal phase? Is what you’re experiencing actually abnormal PMS symptoms?
  • How to stop experiencing PMS.
  • How what you’re eating and your daily routine may be actually causing  your PMS symptoms
  • What you need to know BEFORE quitting birth control







About Our Guest

Erica Workman is a Hormone and PMS coach focusing on balancing hormones, getting off of birth control, and stopping PMS naturally.

She is also the CEO and founder of Translucent LLC.

Erica promises to better the lives of others and improve life in this world, starting with our bodies.

Her goal is to help 10,000 women find health by rebalancing their hormones and to create safe and clean water for even more people in the US.

Erica’s journey through PMS, into hormonal health, research, and ultimately healing and understanding has led her to make this her life’s work.



Connect with Erica at:

Facebook: @erica.workman.tlc

FB Group: @unbreakingthecycle

Instagram: @translucentlightcoach



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