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How to Control Your Mindset for Success

You know the saying: “If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you’re right”?

Most women don’t realize how much your thoughts matter.

The mind is a powerful thing, and it’s a difficult thing to control.

It’s what allows female leaders to persevere through difficult times, entrepreneurs to take risks, and moms to balance work and family. 

And… what if you could take charge of your mind and use it to get what you want?

If you’re looking for a way to uplevel your thinking, you might be interested in what Jill Stanton has to say about it.


“Keep a finger on the pulse of what’s working, amp that up and cut what’s not, and lean into what feels light versus heavy.” – Jill Stanton


In this amazing episode with Jill Stanton, she talks about how to shift your mind to success and how being a business owner and mother could also help you grow and reveal what you are made of.


Inside this amazing conversation, you’ll discover:

  • It’s okay to make a shift to find what will align with your family, even if it means making a massive shift 
  • Why you need to lean into what feels light rather than heavy
  • How building a business and being a mom are the same and why it’s the perfect combo for becoming your best self
  • How you can actively pursue what’s going to make you feel awesome
  • What your body is saying about your thoughts
  • What’s the first step to changing your mindset

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Meet Jill

Jill Stanton is the co-founder of Wealthy Course Creator (formerly Screw the Nine to Five) where she helps unsatisfied employees quit their jobs and start online businesses. Coined by Forbes as “a destination for up-and-coming online entrepreneurs,” Screw The Nine To Five has inspired tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs to quit their jobs, build thriving businesses, and live lives of meaning and purpose. In addition to her chart-topping podcast, her honest-yet-cheeky style has landed her on shows like The Sunny Show, Entrepreneurs On Fire, and Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy to name a few. Jill has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Digital Marketer.


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