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Sanity Saving Work from Home Mom Tips

Juggling work with the kids at home can just absolutely wreck your sanity.

Creating a normal to-do list and expecting the day is going to go smoothly is kin to believing in unicorns. 

(Does anything with kids go exactly how we’ve planned?)

As more and more women build their empires while working at home, we need to redefine the expectations of how we work. 

If you want a system that allows you to thrive while working, and show up fully with your kiddos without losing your sanity, take a deep breath and listen to this. 

Chelsea is going to give you a roadmap for a sane and balanced approach to working from home with kids.


“It’s the self-awareness that makes a huge difference.”  – Chelsea Wessman

Inside this incredible discussion, you’ll discover:

  • How having a 9-5 structure work brain is key and how to create that
  • Five steps for managing some of the hardest realities of working from home with kids
  • The #1 hack to create quiet work time without giving the kids technology
  • Strategies for getting more out of your work hours


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Meet Chelsea

Chelsea Wessman is a popcorn-loving wife and mom of 3, living next to the Utah mountains. As a Productivity Coach, Consultant, and Speaker, she works with female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while prioritizing what matters most through her signature coaching containers and small team workshops.

Chelsea is passionate about empowering high achievers to take control of their time, make more money without putting in more hours, and create a life that aligns with their values.


Connect with Chelsea

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