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How to Develop Self-Confidence

It could have been the most embarrassing experience of my life.

I was sweating and nervous, and my hands were shaking and trembling as I took that mic in hand.

I am forever grateful for all the women who sat there and listened to me fumble my way through, sharing the journey of joe’s brain tumor and the five key lessons I learned. 

It was probably the suckiest speaking gig I’ve ever given. 

But I did it anyway…

Because friends like Shafonne Myers have shown (and told me over and over!) that confidence isn’t something you have but something you develop.

And you develop the confidence needed for your biggest dreams by showing up and doing…without necessarily feeling confident at first.

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see our flaws and imperfections.

But you show up anyway.

It’s easy to see where you failed and what didn’t go well.

And you focus on your wins instead.


“Once you can change how you feel about yourself, then you start seeing all of these extra things show up in your life.” -Shaffone Myers


When you begin to love yourself and step up for yourself more each day, your life will shift one experience and moment at a time…till you look back and hardly recognize how you got here.

In this podcast episode, Shafonne will share how accepting your uniqueness and allowing yourself to be honest with who you are is one of the biggest steps to gaining that self-confidence and embarrassing your most authentic self.


In this heartfelt conversation, you’ll also discover the secrets to:

  • Dealing with your loud, inner mean girl
  • How you can easily accept and love your flaws
  • The surprising ripple effects of your confidence
  • Step by step layers towards loving yourself
  • Overcoming social ‘standards’ and others’ opinions
  • How to love your image without looking arrogant (differentiating arrogance from confidence)

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Meet Shafonne

Shafonne Myers is a media mogul and self-love and self-image business coach from Temecula, California. She graduated with a biology and psychology degree but always had a love for weddings and helping people. She built an internationally recognized, award-winning wedding publication for plus-size brides, Pretty Pear Bride. Her wedding publication is the only one in the world and has solidified her as THE plus size bridal expert.

She has recently started offering private coaching for plus-size women ready to transform their lives by learning to love themselves, feeling beautiful, stopping the comparison game, and finding the courage within themselves to be themselves.

From her experience working with the plus-size industry, she also helps plus-size female entrepreneurs gain the confidence to show up in their businesses, so they stop playing small because they think their worth is tied to their weight.

These are both true reflections of her zone of genius. Harnessing her fearlessness, determination, charisma, and plain ole hustle, Shafonne empowers plus-size women to release their fears and insecurities, embody their self-worth, and get into action to become the best version of themselves in life and business.


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