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Living the Dream in an RV (plus the highs, lows, and challenges) with Meg Brunson -61

Living the Dream in an RV (plus the highs, lows, and challenges) with Meg Brunson -61

Living the Dream in an RV (plus the highs, lows, and challenges) with Meg Brunson -61Have you ever dreamt of living a free, adventurous life with your family? Sounds a lot of fun, yet unworkable, right? But guess what, a friend of mine is currently living that seemingly unachievable life with her family of four kids.

Living the RV Life

Meg Brunson, a mom blogger and former Facebook employee, decided to jump out of the stable corporate life to make life more meaningful and fun for her family. Now we all know it isn’t that easy and we all have different circumstances, but this interesting risk her family took teaches us to live life more boldly, and to dare to follow our hearts’ desires.  

We need to find something that would keep us moving— one that would make us consider each day truly as a gift. And the only thing we need to conquer is the difficulty getting out of our stable, comfort zones. Tune in to this episode if you need to hear some encouragement for something you’ve always wanted to do. Take this as a sign. (Check out another brave mom who pursued living in a farm with her family.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • The interesting life of living in an RV with 4 children
  • Compromising with your spouse so both of your visions meet halfway
  • Adjusting your family dynamics to fit your circumstances
  • The importance of adapting, flexibility, and communication with your family
  • The many advantages of travelling (and experience) to your kids’ learning
  • How to live an RV life and where to start if you’re planning to

Life is unpredictable, and the end is inevitable. So why don’t we live our lives doing the things we’ve dreamed of? Jump on. Make mistakes. Fail. It’s only a failure if you don’t pivot or readjust. When you wait until the time is right, you will be waiting forever. Because the time is never right

“When something doesn’t work, it’s just an indication that there’s a better way to handle things” -Meg Brunson

Meet Meg

Meg is a mommy blogger. She was a Facebook employee who left the 9-5 for a life of freedom and flexibility. She’s currently RVing across the country with her family, but she’s also empowering other families to live their dreams, pursue their passions, and just do together as much as they possibly can. Her clients are increasing influence online, leveraging the power of Facebook and instagram marketing to build their businesses, so they can spend more time with their families.

Know more about her life and #FamilyPreneur podcast:

Instagram: @themegbrunson

Facebook: @TheMegBrunson

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