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How we can protect our children from sex trafficking with Garry McIntosh

How we can protect our children from sex trafficking with Garry McIntosh

How we can protect our children from sex trafficking with Garry McIntoshUpon starting this project, I knew that I wanted to live in a way that moves society forward. I wanted to do what I can to make a difference not just in my own family, but also in the world. One of my goals is to help women have a happier, abundant, and passionate life. Another goal is to help combat some of the crucial issues we’re having in society.

And having this conversation is one of the first steps.

We need to combat sex trafficking

Did you know that within 48 hours of a teen running away from their home, a third of them are solicited for sex? And that the average age of victims is 13?!

One of the hidden, yet prominent issues going on in our society is trafficking. It’s one of those issues that I feel strongly against because it’s something that I fear for my children. Anyone, especially young women, can be victims of this crime, so it’s important that we stay educated and vigilant.

Garry McIntosh of is here to give us important information about sex trafficking and how we can protect our children from becoming victims. (See also why it’s our responsibility to educate our kids about body consent.)

Other life-changing stuff we can learn from this episode…

  • The systems of sex trafficking
  • How predators lure teens
  • Ways our children can be victimized
  • How you can protect your child
  • The importance of a healthy home environment 
  • Rehabilitating and giving hope for victims
  • What you can do to help 

We have to have this conversation with our children early on because the reality of our kids falling into the situation is much more harmful than the discomfort of the conversation. It’s also important to raise our kids with the mentality of how they can bring awareness, make an impact, and change the world.

“Awareness can protect your children.” – Garry McIntosh

Meet Garry

Garry joined Operation Underground Railroad in March 2020. He is responsible for increasing awareness about the OUR mission and donor development. Prior to joining OUR, Garry served as Chief Operating Officer for Intiva Health. He was charged with financial planning, investor relations, healthcare administration, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing, and general operations. He has over 8.5 years managing healthcare and software teams and holds a high importance on cultivating integrity and positivity into the workplace.

Garry and his family enjoy volunteering and have worked with a number of youth organizations over the years, including founding Sports in the Park, which offers a safe and consistent space for underserved youth to play and grow. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s in Business Administration from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. In his free time, Garry enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids hiking, playing hockey, and fishing.

Join the fight at

Instagram: @ourrescue

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Linkedin: @ourrescue

If you are interested in learning more about how you can recognize and help someone who may be being trafficked in your own life, you can complete this free training here.

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