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Body Consent, The Birds & The Bees, & Why It's Our Responsibility to Educate Our Kids with Rosalia Rivera

Body Consent, The Birds & The Bees, & Why It’s Our Responsibility to Educate Our Kids with Rosalia Rivera -55

Avoiding “The Talk”

If all parents would agree to one topic that they’d prefer to avoid, it’d be the sex talk. It’s just tooooo uncomfortable, right? You might have attempted at some point but it is so awkward you’d rather just avoid it. BUT if we want to protect our children from all sorts of abuses, we have to be brave, now. (See also How to Develop Empathy & Connect with Your Kids)

Talking to your child about the topic is one difficult thing, but being a sexual abuse survivor yourself is another. There is certain trauma you might still be carrying around and it might be affecting how you raise your child. So in today’s episode, I invited Rosalia, a consent educator and sex literacy advocate, to give us some lessons on personal healing and teaching consent to our kids in a comprehensive way.Body Consent, The Birds & The Bees, & Why It's Our Responsibility to Educate Our Kids with Rosalia Rivera

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to empower oneself and your children to be in control of their body
  • When and how to start the conversation with your kids
  • How you can heal from trauma when you are a sexual abuse survivor yourself
  • Giving your children the right tools to understand the topic and avoid unwanted influences from others
  • Debunking preconceived sexual notions/values that induce harm

It’s inevitable. You have to teach the sex education part. Going into it with more information and being empowered is going to make the talks so much easier and give them sex positive and body positive elements that are gonna become the foundation for their understanding sexuality. And that’s not something they get from school, so it’s important that you become that foundational piece that’s added to their education about sex.

“To empower your children that their body belongs to them, you have to be doing that.” -Rosalia Rivera

Meet Rosalia

Rosalia is the mastermind behind consent parenting, an educational platform that offers two foundational courses for child sexual abuse survivors. On the About Consent podcast, she also discusses consent culture, sex positivity, sex education, and offers other valuable tools and resources for childhood sexual abuse survivors. She helps empower them to heal their journey, and become thriving, sexually empowered women.

Her new clothing brand, Consent Wear, is available for teens, kids, and adults. It aims to spread consent culture to those who wear it.

Podcast website:

More information and masterclass from her website:

IG: @consentparenting

FB: @aboutconsent

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