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360* Post C-Section Healing: Body, Mind, & Energy with Natalie Garay

Post C-Section Healing: Body, Mind, & Energy -54

Different moms, different bodies, different experiences. Each of us are unique and each of us have 360* Post C-Section Healing: Body, Mind, & Energy with Natalie Garaydifferent ways in parenting and in navigating life in general. Thus, it is important for us to determine what methods work best for us, based on our personal needs especially when it comes to our body and emotional healing. (See also general Self Care Tips in 5 Minutes or Less)

See a New Therapy, C-Section Moms!

We all have different experiences starting from our birth stories. Some are required surgery, some normal delivery, and so on. And this episode is a must-listen-to for moms who underwent c-section and those who are going through postpartum phase. There are physical therapies that could break you. Recognize that your body requires a different kind of healing!

“Different bodies require different healing.” -Natalie Garay

I invited my friend Natalie, a pilates expert, in this episode to share with us important reminders for mom bodies to heal. Natalie started pilates because her c-section after-body limits her physical activity. As a result, she opted for a more steady but little bit flexible activity, which is pilates.

Other life changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • The process of C-section and why it requires extra care for healing
  • breaking the stigma of c-section
  • Different remedies for birth scars
  • Overcoming the grief of traumatic birth stories
  • Facts about pilates and how it can heal c-section bodies and postpartum phase
  • Finding the right pilates therapy for you

Having physical or internal pain hinders your growth towards being the best you. You must align your productivity to where your body is at, chemically. You need to stop looking for that outside fix to do some magic on you. Realize that you have everything you need already within you. You just need to tap into that and find that right healing suited for you!

Meet Natalie

Natalie is the founder of Ther-happy Studios. She’s the creator of the Natalie Garay Method and flower essence remedies. She is an expert on pelvic floor, c-section, or Diastasis recti rehabilitation. In addition, she is also a flower essence therapist which help support emotional imbalances. 

As a mom of three teenage daughters, life is busy but it has not stopped her. She holds a BA in Dance from UCSP and is featured in various magazines like,,,,, and many more.

IG: @thepilatesmama

Websites: &

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