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Creating a Family Culture with Katie Kimball

Creating a Family Culture with Katie Kimball

In today’s episode, we will be discussing one of the topics I am passionate about as an occupational therapist. Creating a family culture is so empowering for kids and is also an important aspect in shaping identities.

What does family culture do to our kids?

Creating a Family Culture with Katie KimballWe understand that our kids will have their own identities, but we also want them to have a root identity to where they can come back. Because we’d still want our kids to be able to connect with us and their siblings easily when they become adults. But above all, family culture shapes the way our children navigate the world. And we want our kids to live with certain values even when we’re not around.

Building a family culture is figuring out what you want for your kids. Do you want them to live with integrity and respect? Or be responsible and practical kids? Or be clean and resourceful? Whatever they may be, you impart values by creating a family culture.

Now do not confuse it with being parental “order.” It’s important to talk it out with your whole family and agree with the culture you want to live in. Family culture is how your family works. It is the habits you weave as a member of a family.

“Teach your children the reason for doing something rather than just telling them to do it because you are the parent.” -Katie Kimball

And this is why it’s important to communicate our reasons for wanting them to do certain things. Because someday they have to take ownership of their actions, and it’s important that they know the reason for the actions they adopted from us. This is them weaving certain values into a piece of their identity, and not just following rules.

Join me and Katie in this fun and insightful episode to learn how you can create a family culture!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • How to easily build a family culture
  • Infusing your core values into your family life
  • Building our kids’ self-esteem
  • The importance of creating a unique identity for your family
  • Celebrating your kids’ capabilities

One of the values Katie encourages every family to adopt is to teach their children how to cook. This does not only tightens the bond of parents and their kids, but it also teaches children how they can take better care of themselves. (Plus, it saves us moms more time when our kids can prepare snacks on their own!) Join Katie’s virtual summer camp to teach your kids to prepare their food. Get FREE access here ->

Meet Katie

Katie Kimball is the voice of healthy kids cooking. She works to restore the health of our young generation one kitchen at a time. She’s a cookbook author, Certified Stress Mastery Educator, and regular TV contributor. Katie shared her journey to real food and natural living for 12 years at Kitchen Stewardship, a blog that helps families stay healthy without going crazy. Along with her 4 children, she created the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. This course helps other parents teach their kids to cook, build family connections in the kitchen, and supercharge kids’ confidence and creativity.

In 2020, the Wall Street Journal recommended Kids Cook Real Food as the best online cooking class for kids. She is actively masterminding the Kids’ Meal Revolution, with a goal of every child being able to cook. Plus, Katie is an accidental entrepreneur who has grown a 6-figure business and incubated another entre-business with her husband. She also serves as a business coach for family-minded entrepreneurs who seek balance while pursuing dramatic personal and professional growth.

Website: and

Instagram: @kidscookrealfood

Facebook: Kids Cook Real Food and Kitchen Stewardship

Youtube: Kitchen Stew

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