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Stories of Rising Moms: Decluttering in a New Place with Vicky Halse

Stories of Rising Moms: Decluttering in a New Place with Vicky Halse

When I’m coaching about decluttering, I make it a point to go beyond the physical stuff. Because soooo many areas in our lives need decluttering too. And clearing your mind, schedule, priorities, relationships, and more, is one of the secrets on how to maintain a clean and peaceful space!

Stories of Rising Moms: Decluttering in a New Place with Vicky Halse

New place, new style

But one of the challenges of keeping a decluttering lifestyle is when you move into a new environment. Whether it be just rearranging your home, staying in a temporary place, being on the road, or moving to another town/country, it will be difficult to keep things in the usual ‘order’ you’ve been used to.

That is because your new place requires a different structure than what you were used to. Even your mindset and how you live will need to adjust too. It’s similar to how us moms need to figure out the type of parenting for our unique children. And the process becomes easy when we learn to become flexible. (See also: how to get other people on board with decluttering.)

“When you cannot change your surroundings, learn to adapt.”

-Vicky Halse

In this episode, Rising Mom Vicky shares her experience moving into another country — and how she learned to adapt her decluttering lifestyle to her new environment. Join us in this discussion!

Other life-changing lessons in this episode…

  • Importance of getting into a community to help adjust
  • Overcoming comparison to new surroundings
  • Why you should only have 3-things on your to-do list
  • Decluttering tips with your kids
  • Practical, alternative ways to connect with other people

Let go of the unnecessary feeling of failure when something doesn’t work for you (for example, keeping a calendar, having a workout routine, beautiful decor, etc.) Each one of us is different, and we have different ways we need to adjust to our surroundings as well. So don’t be afraid to try different things to find out what works best for you.

Because, we have to move along when things change!

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