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How to Empower Your Kids and Lighten Your Load with Tracy Grewe

How to Empower Your Kids and Lighten Your Load with Tracy Grewe

Raising empowered children while managing mom business

Want to know the easiest way to lighten your load and find more time?

…Empowering your kiddos to be independent. 

It’s one of the most powerful things you can do not only for your sanity but also for raising really amazing competent adults. 

As an ambitious and driven woman, I know you have a lot going on. You have big goals, a full schedule, and sometimes it’s easy to feel like everything is falling on your shoulders. 

But here’s something really amazing…

…you don’t have to!


Even your just barely walking 1 year old can be doing things to lighten your load. Inside this episode, Tracy will tell you exactly how. 

Tracy is currently raising three young adults while managing a Montessori school. I guarantee you’ll walk away from this episod feeling inspired to implement these tangible strategies that will empower your kids AND help eliminate tasks on your to do list or out of your busy schedule.

“Empower your kids. Raise independent adults. And lighten your load.”

– Tracy Grewe

How to Empower Your Kids and Lighten Your Load with Tracy GreweWondering how to lighten your load and gain back your time? When you listen now, you’ll discover how to:

  • Empower your kids (even a 1 year old!) to take over household tasks
  • Chores are a KEY bonding activity for you and your kids
  • The importance of creating routine for your family that you may haven’t have realized
  • What to do when the kids disagree with your ideas
  • Motivate your kids and inspire independence without nagging

“Empower and guide, not control, your children’s decisions.” – Renae Fieck

Giving chores to our kids is not all about helping the moms. But it’s rather teaching them the basics of how to live. 


Meet Tracy

After years of infant and toddler development training, Tracy began teaching parenting classes to the parents at the school — purely out of passion for helping parents feel more confident and knowledgeable. She would share her expertise, her personal experiences raising 3 children of her own and experiences in helping parents over the years.

Nurture Newbies was then created as a digestible, online resource for parents who know that knowledge is their power. Based on Tracy’s expertise in infant and toddler development, her own personal experience and the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori.


Instagram: @nurturenewbies

Facebook: Nurture Newbies


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