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3 Must-dos on your period with renae fieck

3 MUST DO’s on Your Period

How easy is it for you to take time off your work?

Does guilt hold you back from exploring beyond your daily routine?

You may find yourself hustling through, always pushing yourself beyond the limits just to keep on being productive.

But, are you ever mindful of your own body telling you to slow down a bit at times?

During your monthly cycle, your body needs to recharge. You need those moments to reflect on the essentials, uncover the things that hold you back, and learn to let them go. Only when you are able to create a space for yourself, can you set new goals, tap into your brightest ideas, allow drastic changes in your life, and achieve the best version of yourself.

Tune in to this episode and learn THE three MUST-Do powerful habits that will transform your period.

  1. Why taking moments to recharge is key to becoming more productive
  2. How to be truly aligned with yourself by allowing emotions to surface as a key to ultimately improving yourself
  3. Simple tips you must do on your cycle to unbusy your life
  4. How the recharge and reflect cycles is the key to your best creativity and allowing you to tap into your next level
  5. Learn to use your monthly cycle to achieve balance, focus, and productivity
  6. How your essentials can really empower you to see massive changes in your life

I would love to know what you do during your cycle. Perhaps, I can learn new and helpful insights from you!

“Let go of being busy first so you can let go what is no longer serving you.”

– Renae Fieck

3 Must-dos on your period with renae fieck

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