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What you need when you feel unfulfilled with Blake Schofield

What You Need When You Feel Unfulfilled with Blake Schofield

Unfulfillment and Burning Out

If you’ve ever felt burnt out or unfulfilled in your work, you aren’t alone. From work, school, chores, and even if they run their own business, it can be easy to feel like everything is overwhelming… yet still in the midst of all the doing and hustling…something is still missing. 

 And that is why finding fulfillment in the things that we do is so essential. Especially when you are a business mom!

But how? How do you find fulfilling work?

Typically, the advice is to do things that we are passionate about. But being passionate about something doesn’t save us from feeling unfulfilled and burned out. And also, your passions can change too especially when you transition to motherhood.

So why is it that so many women are feeling unfulfilled?

The feeling of unworthiness

It’s easy to attach your self-worth to your achievements and then continue looking for something to make you feel valuable. Yet have you ever noticed that when you finally achieve that big goal it seems like there’s another one just around the corner? The feeling of fulfillment of achieving the goal often seems short-lived. 

Lack of self-awareness

Outside of your work, who are you? What are your core values? What are you uniquely gifted to do? Once you figure those out, align them to the right environment where you can make your biggest impact. That’s when you will start to feel that fulfillment.

Our limiting belief systems.

We are a series of beliefs that we have formed since childhood. As women, we grew up thinking that “we have to earn it” to “deserve it.” Understand that this belief has come from generations of not allowing women of many things. 

Women today sure have more work opportunities than before. And yet, the burden of maintaining the home and raising the children is still expected to be carried almost solely by women. Again, that’s why we feel burned out, unworthy, and unfulfilled. So it’s on us to change that belief system for the future generations to come. Don’t let your children see you sacrifice a lot for ‘work’ or stay in an unfulfilling situation. Don’t let them see you not live your life. Lastly, don’t let them think that they need to sacrifice a lot in order to be deserving in life. 

“Let go of the belief that you have to ‘sacrifice’ a lot in order to feel successful.” -Blake Schofield

What you need when you feel unfulfilled with Blake SchofieldJoin me and Blake on this amazing episode to learn how we can take the first steps towards fulfilment! Don’t miss out our conversation on:
  • Changing old belief systems
  • Figuring out what you want to do in life
  • Finding your support system
  • Surrounding yourself with people whom you can learn from or coach you
  • Learning to ask for help
  • Investing in yourself

If you could have anything that would be fulfilling in your life, what is it? Answer that, be clear with what you want, and then go for it. Don’t limit yourself!

Meet Blake

Blake Schofield is the Founder of Connections Illuminated, a mom of three & former corporate executive who spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing & turning around 8 & 9 figure businesses.

Despite her success, Blake constantly found herself feeling unsettled, chasing the next job or promotion to “make it better” so she could finally do fulfilling work and be able to have the time she wanted to have a less stressful & more present family life.

After two cross country moves and increasing frustration that every job seemed to be more of the same, she finally realized that the career she was in no longer fit. Blake’s personal journey through three career changes, years of seeking the right path for her life, overcoming the fear & doubt of forging a new path, & successfully building and running her own multi six figure business is the basis of the work she does everyday.

Today, Blake & her team help driven, heart-centered professional women, who are at a career crossroads, transition into more fulfilling work & have more time with their families without taking a big pay cut or starting over.

Sign up for her free Protect + Prepare training on her website:

LinkedIn: Blake Schofield

Facebook: The Bridge to Fulfillment

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