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How the 80/20 rule alone isn't the most effective with Renae Fieck

How the 80/20 Rule Alone Isn’t the Most Effective

The 80/20 hack

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s a productivity hack that basically says, 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. It is also applied into many different areas like economics, business, finance, and even your relationships (20% of your relationships give 80% of your satisfaction.)

So how do you leverage the 80/20 rule?

The rule says that instead of doing many different things, focus only on doing certain tasks.  The ‘biggest movers,’ are tasks that are going to effectively move you toward your goals. It is this 20% that will propel you to your success.

This also applies to managing your tasks. You are more likely to finish a task in less time when you 100% focus on it versus multitasking. Because you lose so much time by jumping from one task to another. In fact, research says that it takes about 20 minutes before we can re/focus on a task. So if you have 15 different tasks at once, imagine the time you lose spending it on readjusting your focus! (See also: why time management strategies are costing you time.)


How the 80/20 rule alone isn't the most effective with Renae Fieckdoes it feel like there’s just not enough time? Especially for us mompreneurs who are parenting, working, managing business, and maintaining the home. We can’t just let the workload nor the laundry be dropped, right? They all have to be done.

This is the problem with 80/20 rule. Aside from failing to consider the amount of tasks we have to do, it assumes that we can perform the same 20% tasks consistently.

And what if you are not in that optimum state to perform that specific task? Especially when you, as a woman, is built completely different. You have hormones that change throughout the month that affect how you focus, produce work, manage tasks, etc.

I have a solution for you.
How about syncing your cycle to the 80/20 productivity hack in a way that would work for you?
Hop on to this episode to find out more!
  • Breaking down tasks and aligning them to your cycle
  • Getting more done in less time
  • The advantage of cycle syncing to avoid repetitive tasks
  • Combining other productivity hacks to your cycle blocking
  • Tips for scheduling your tasks

“Imagine if you don’t have to worry about certain tasks when you don’t feel like doing it… because you have it all done? This is what it means to take advantage of your cycle.” – Renae Fieck

If you need help or advice on aligning your schedule and tasks to your cycle, then come to our FREE training on February 10, 15, and 17!

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