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Why Time Management Strategies are Costing You Time with Renae Fieck

Why Time Management Strategies are Costing You Time

If you’re an ambitious mompreneur it’s likely that you have multiple things on your plate. It’s easy to feel busy and overwhelmed and turn to google to learn how to better manage your time. You might find tips like getting up before the kids wake up, having a morning routine, time blocking, batching, delegating, and more. And you might be currently using some of these strategies like I was and yet, still finding that they don’t always work out exactly like you desired.

Why are they not working?

One of the common strategies I see women using is time blocking. The idea is to block a particular time of the day for a certain task. The length of time of the block is less important as when you are able to focus on 1 task 100%, you’re more efficient and effective at getting that task done.  But the problem is, there are times when that ‘block’ comes, you’re just not motivated to do it. The energy is not there.

For example, maybe you schedule working out every morning. There are mornings when you feel high and are into it, but some mornings it feels dreadful and awful. There are also days when you feel so light and productive that you are able to ace so many tasks in a day. Then there are days when you find it difficult to focus (and you feel so guilty for being unproductive!)

The worst part of this is you blame yourself for not being consistent (especially when you feel that everyone around you can do it easily.) And I’m here to assure you that these fluctuations are normal.

“The reason why these time management strategies are not working is because they don’t account for your body. They don’t consider that some days you have more energy than other days.” – Renae Fieck

Your body cycle

There are physiological hormonal changes happening in your body throughout the month that are impacting your levels of motivation, momentum, focus, energy, and so much more.

Now let’s get to some basics in biology. Men have testosterone as their primary hormone that’s functioning throughout the day. With testosterone, it gets a refresh every 24 hours. Women predominantly have estrogen and progesterone. These 2 hormones shift greatly throughout the month, making the level of estrogen that you have on the 7th day of your cycle vastly different level than day 28th. Your body is changing throughout the month.

And the common time management strategies that most women are using are structured in a way that supports a man’s biological rhythm, not a woman’s.

How is this costing you your time?

When you force yourself to do a task when you are low on your energy levels, then you are producing subpar results, doubling the time you exert on the task, and you feel distracted and frustrated.

Estrogen and progesterone hormones affect your focus, creativity, sociability, etc. So if you understand your cycles and where your body is at, then you can schedule your time according to that cycle. You’re then able to schedule your most difficult tasks at the time when you are at your ‘peak.’ This is what I call cycle blocking. Cycle blocking incorporates the masculine and feminine strategies together by aligning the typical time management strategies with your cycle.  This rhythm you’ll create will get you on your highest level of productivity while still allowing yourself guilt-free rest. 

What about ‘being consistent?’

Why Time Management Strategies are Costing You Time with Renae FieckYou’ve likely heard that you need to be consistent to achieve your goals. But consistency is overrated.

Yes, you can show up consistently, but you can’t do the same things every single day. Doing the same thing every single day is why so many women feel exhausted and burnt out.

So what if we strategically design your life around our cycles?

For example, what if you schedule your recordings and networking on days you feel radiant and connected? Or you schedule your writing (ex: social media posts) on days when your creativity just naturally flows?


Imagine how fast we can actually do the tasks when we are in those zones!

And don’t worry if you are concerned that you ‘don’t’ have a cycle (either you are menopausal or irregular.) Because you can still tap into the benefits of the cycle, it’s just going to look different. We will have an episode for you, so stay tuned!

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