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The #1 Reason your 2022 Goals Might Fail with Renae Fieck

The #1 Reason your 2022 Goals Might Fail

Hey mom! It feels sooooo good to be back! This is the first episode of our relaunch and I am super excited for the conversations we will have for this podcast! I rarely see anyone talk about this topic, yet it plays a crucial role in women’s lives. So why the heck are we not talking about it!?

“Just Do More”

We are often told that to crush our big goals, we have to do more.

But it’s a pervasive belief in business and in life. It’s this belief that has left so many moms exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It’s this belief that has made so many women-led businesses hit a ceiling in their growth. And it’s quite possible that this belief is already keeping you from achieving your 2022 goals.

We want to be an amazing mom, amazing spouse, amazing CEO, and do more amazing things. I get it. But it’s also this reason why we feel repleted and then get stuck. (Check out finding balance in motherhood.)

And have you ever seen someone who made a lot of sacrifices to achieve their goals? That they lost their family, relationships, health, or joys along the way? Was it worth it?

What if I tell you that there is a way to achieve our goals without those detrimental hustling and doing?

As women, our bodies have a rhythm that creates space for high intensity productivity AND connection, restoration, & joy. And if your heart, lungs, and uterus have a rhythm, then your life would have rhythm too, right? Your own heart performs a powerful contraction and takes a moment to pause. So it is also possible that you can create huge progress towards your goals AND still take a pause.

And the most effective way for you to create rhythm in your life is to use your cycle as the guide.

A lot of advice (to success) tells us to be consistent and do more. But in this space, we are allowing ourselves the guilt-free rest and the use of tactical tools to leverage our productivity. I want you to do things in your flow. Do things in a way that feels good for you.

Do you ever wonder why in some weeks you feel like you have everything together, and in other weeks it feels like everything is falling apart? You know what I’m talking about. And we will figure out how to go around that using our cycles.

Let’s talk about it

The #1 Reason your 2022 Goals Might Fail with Renae FieckSo in the next couple of episodes, we will dive into some of the common mistakes women make in managing their time, business, and life. And we will talk about the four phases of a woman’s cycle, and how that plays a role in our time and capabilities— our creativity, work, rest, and ability to connect with others.

I’m looking forward to the day where we perceive the “time of the month” as something that can support us instead of seeing it as something dreadful!




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