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3 Steps to Creating Peace with Marielle Melling 114

3 Steps to Creating Peace with Marielle Melling

3 Steps to Creating Peace with Marielle Melling 114

Achieving inner peace sounds wonderful, but it seems far-fetched considering the chaos surrounding us as moms. But inner peace is totally achievable despite the many things going all around. Because it has a lot do with what’s inside of us!

What Inner Peace is

Inner peace is harmony between what we want, what we think, what we do and say, etc. And the greatest level of this harmony comes when it’s centered on love. It comes when we feel completely loved, and when we love others completely. (Studies have also shown that the number one indicator of happiness is our relationships.) So no matter how chaotic your environment is, as long as you have that anchor within you, you can still have that inner peace! (Check out how to clean the relationship cobwebs.)

And it is true; love is grounding, love is great. But it’s usually hard and messy in real life to live it out, right? So there needs to be a lot of focus and intention to maintain love— and thus inner peace. So in this episode, coach Marielle will share with us practical habits to keep that inner peace:

  1. Having a daily personal quiet time
  2. Practicing mindfulness
  3. Having a focus on service

Join us in this episode to learn more about these habits and other steps to achieve inner peace!

creating peaceOther life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Setting priorities
  • Things to reflect about
  • Hacks to develop new habits
  • How to have a personal quiet time when you’re busy
  • Mind tricks to change our perspectives

“To achieve inner peace is to decide that it’s a priority.” -Marielle Melling

The road to inner peace is first deciding that you want to be there, and that you deserve to be there. Continue to love, and also know that you are loved!

Join the community of rising moms who come together to overcome chaos!

Meet Marielle

Marielle Melling has a degree in health education. She is the founder of Lovin’ Life with Littles and the author of Peace amidst the Mayhem. Marielle and her husband have moved eight times since getting married, and she has loved the opportunity to live in different places and make friends that live in various parts of the world. Marielle and her husband are the parents of five incredible kids.


Instagram: lovinlifewithlittles

Facebook: lovinlifewithlittles

Get her Parent’s Guide to Peace amidst the Mayhem here

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